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Greatest Automobile Slogans

Let’s look at some of the greatest automotive slogans that have graced the billboards, magazine pages, and television commercials over the years.


“Power. Beauty. Soul.”

“Never follow”
“Truth in engineering”
“Everyone dreams of an Audi”

“The ultimate driving machine”
“A company of ideas”
“It won’t help you with your fear of flying”

“The new class of world class”
“Wouldn’t you really rather have a Buick?”
“It’s all good”
“It’s time for a real car”

“Life, liberty, and the pursuit”
“The penalty of leadership”

“May the best car win”
“The heartbeat of America… is today’s Chevrolet”
“A road isn’t built that can make it breathe hard!”
“Like a rock”
“Eye it… try it… buy it”

“Drive = Love”

“Grab life by the horns”
“Bigger in texas, better in a Dodge”
“My wife, yes; My dog, maybe; My Dodge? Never”
“Hi”- Neon

“Drive one”
“Bold moves”
“Have you driven a Ford lately?”
“Built Ford tough”

“Art & Emotion”

“Driven By passion”

“We are professional grade”

“The power of dreams”
“It must be love”
“First man, then machine”
“God’s gift to automobiledom”- Ridgeline

“Like nothing else”

“Yes, Hyundai”
“Prepare to want one”

“Accelerating the future”
“Inspired performance”

“Born to perform”
“Don’t dream it, drive it”
“Grace, space, pace”

“I live, I ride, I am.”
“There’s only one”

“The power to surprise”
“The car that cares”

“The pursuit of perfection”

“Reach higher”
“Travel well”
“What a luxury car should be”

“Zoom Zoom”

“Unlike any other”
“Engineered to move the human spirit”

“Don’t be a gashole”
“All revolutions start small”
“Cheaper than therapy”

“Wake up and drive”

“Just wait til you drive it”

“This is not your father’s Oldsmobile”
“There’s something extra about owning an olds”
“There’s a rocket to fit your pocket”

“Ask the man who owns one”

“The drive of your life”
“The lion leaps from strength to strength”

“Driving excitement”
“We build excitement”
“Speak softly and carry a GTO” – GTO
“You know the rest of the story” – GTO

“There is No Substitute”

“Papa?” “Nicole?”- Clio

“Welcome to the state of independence”
“Find your own road”

“Like always. Like never before.”

“The beauty of all-wheel drive”
“When you get it, you get it”
“Cheap and ugly does it”

“Moving forward”
“I love what you do for me, Toyota!”
“The car in front is a Toyota”
“Meteor proof”- Tacoma

“Putting the fun back into driving”
“Once driven, forever smitten”

“Small. Ugly. Reliable.”
“Ever wonder how the man who drives the snowplow gets to work?”
“Think small”
“Drivers wanted”
“Unleash your fast”
“Relieves gas pains”
“Unpimp ze auto”

“For life”
“Bloody Volvo driver”
“There’s more to life than a Volvo. That’s why you drive one.”

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