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Pioneer’s New DDJ-ERGO Compact Controller Makes Being a DJ Easier

The DDJ-ERGO compact controller from Pioneer makes it easy for aspiring DJs to make their own mixes. Bundled with the Virtual DJ Limited Edition software by Atomix Productions, the DDJ-ERGO controller enables you to be creative with your music collection as soon as you take it out of the box. The controller itself is pretty stylish with its contoured edges with black, white and gradient colors and a large 115 mm platter for increased operability. The system also features “Pulse Control” that illuminates various areas of the controller to assist in the mixing process. Because it’s compact and lightweight, it can be taken anywhere. Just plug it in with a music-filled laptop and you can be the next big DJ sensation! Great for beginners to more experienced home DJs, the new DDJ-ERGO compact controller will go on sale in November with a MSRP of $699. For more information, visit www.pioneerdjusa.com.

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  • http://www.bax-shop.nl/digitale-dj-controller/pioneer-ddj-ergo-dj-midi-controller/product-details.html Baxxie

    Looks like a nice controller. Not sure if it can compete with other controllers that have the same pricerange though. Time will tell I guess. Looking forward to testing it myself :)

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