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SEMA: Dodge Challenger ACR

ACR. American Club Racer.

It’s a term few automakers will go near.  Even cars you find on a racing circuit all the time, you rarely find one.  You don’t see a Corvette ACR, or an RX-8 ACR.  No one goes there.

Except Dodge.  Once in a while, Dodge has the balls.

Witness the Viper ACR, which embarrassed the Europeans, blowing away Nürburgring records set by exotics cars costing triple its price.  We haven’t seen one since, though.

Until now.  Until SEMA.

This year, Dodge engineers have brought a Challenger ACR to Vegas.  It’s the descendent of those brutish option-delete drag racing muscle cars of the ’60′s, the ones with one seat and little else.

This time, engineers have stripped out…well…pretty much everything from the interior.  The few bits they had to leave in are carbon fiber, to save weight.  They include the drag pack center stack and a carbon weave shift bezel with a short-throw stick.  The ACR sits on a coilover suspension and huge strut tower braces.  A full cat-back exhaust surely gives the 6.4-liter V8 a power boost, but they haven’t revealed how much.  It sits on 20-inch alloys.

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