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SEMA: The Camaros

Does any car look better in the hands of tuners than the Chevy Camaro?

The big pony car is a star at SEMA this year, with GM bringing four models to impress you now, and one to grab the attention of your ten-year-old self.

The ZL1 Carbon Concept is up first, a preview of some of what we’ll see on next year’s top-of-the-Camaro line ZL1.  It carries a 580 horsepower supercharged V8, carbon fiber aero mods, and a color GM calls Ashen Gray.

The Red Zone Concept represents the drop-top Camaros.  The exterior is Crystal Claret – a color you can get in 2012.  The interior is Ice – a color that’s just for the show floor. Every other bit, though, is something you can order from the dealership – even that unusual fascia stripe.

The Camaro Synergy Series Concept wears a similar body kit and accessory wheels, Silver Ice paint, with Redline details outside the stripes.

Then there’s the road racer — the Camaro 1LE Concept.  A flat black hood over Victory Red gloss paint looks nice, but the real touch is hidden — the magnetic ride suspension that makes the Cadillac CTS-V such a beast.

None of those, though, will appeal to your third-grade self.  Nope, for the pure nostalgia crowd, Chevrolet brings us the HotWheels Camaro concept.  It offers a “chrome green” paint job, ghosted Hot Wheels logos on the fenders, satin black wheels, and a black aluminum hood insert.  If you think you’ve seen it somewhere before, you’re not wrong — you’re just wrong about the scale.  It’s built to replicate the original “custom camaro,” a model built in 1968 — as a Hot Wheels toy.  They even rolled it out on an orange track.

No loop-de-loop into a pile of dirty clothes this time, though.

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