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DUB Magazine Feature: “The Situation”

DUB Magazine Feature:

Now in it’s fourth season, MTV’s hit reality show, “Jersey Shore,” has become a cultural phenomenon, and its stars have skyrocketed to celebrity status. Known for his chiseled abs, smooth skills with the ladies and flamboyant charisma, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has become a household name thanks to being one of the prominent cast members of the show. And thanks to his rising fame and popularity “Jersey Shore” has afforded him, Mike has been staying very busy these days not only with the show, but with his many endorsements and even his own company. “Blessed to be busy these days” has also allowed him to acquire quite an impressive collection of whips, including his childhood dream cars.

You’ve been fortunate to own both your childhood dream cars. How do they compare?
You really can’t compare the two because it’s like comparing a beautiful brunette to a beautiful blonde; they’re both beautiful but different. I think the Ferrari is a great car and it drives well, same with the Lamborghini. Actually it’s the same with Bentley, too. All of the cars are custom and truly amazing vehicles. I drive all of them regularly depending on the occasion, but all of them get the same TLC. Read more at dubmagazine.com.

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