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Toyota Hilux Sets Antarctica Distance Record

Toyota’s Hilux pickup has set the Antarctica distance record as part of the ski races organized by World Races. The event resulted in three of the Hilux pickups, two of which were 6×6 models, tread more than 5,900 miles each, which is the furthest any vehicle of its type has gone in polar history while running on Jet A-1 fuel to withstand the extreme temperatures as low as -50°C and harsh terrain rising to above 3,400m. The journey took more than four months to compete with a 10 Hilux models used as support vehicles to set up fuel depots and support for scientists and ski competitors. Since the Hilux models had to withstand some pretty harsh conditions, the models were modified with a crane to lift heavy equipment and a 280-liter fuel tank (800 liters in the case of the six-wheel models) and their suspension and drivetrain were strengthened, crawler gears were added to the transmission.

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