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Tuesday, 26 July 2016 23:27

DocZilla: Liberty Walk Ferrari 458

Written by
2013 Liberty Walk Ferrari 458
Owner: J.J. Dubec aka: DocZilla
Instagram: @DocZilla12
Daily Grind: Medical Doctor (Emergency Medicine & Family Medicine)
Vancouver, BC, Canada

LibertyWalk Ferrari 458 DocZilla at The SEMA Show Itsjustbrian

Wheels (brand, size and width front/rear): SkyForged Performance Wheels S208
Ultra Deep Concave, Reverse Lip, 20x12 (-25) Front, 20x13.5 (-70) Rear
Tires: Michelin Pilot Super Sport 285/30R20 (front), 335/30R20 (rear)
Suspension: SerialNine custom stance with Airrex struts and Accuair E-Level Management
Exterior Modifications: LibertyWalk Ferrari 458 -Full Carbon Fiber Bodykit (full front bumper replacement, carbon fiber front lip, carbon fiber side diffusers, front and rear widebody fenders, carbon fiber rear diffuser, carbon fiber wing)
Interior Modifications: Full carbon fiber Ferrari dashboard, Carbon fiber console and center tunnel, carbon fiber LED steering wheel. Black Alcantara headliner, Black on black Daytona seats with silver stitching, full leather upper dash with silver stitching
Performance Modifications: Armytrix Titanium Valvetronic exhaust system with Titanium dual matte black exit tips

LibertyWalk Ferrari 458 DocZilla at The SEMA Show Itsjustbrian

Audio/Video: Integrated Escort Passport 9500Ci stealth install
Custom Paint: PhantasyKolors BASF R-M Refinish custom Matte F7LTHY Silver
Sponsors: PhantasyKolors, SerialNine, BASF R-M, AirRex, Accuair, Armytrix, SkyForged Performance, Liberty Walk LB Performance,

Shout outs: My stunning wife Janesta deserves the biggest shoutout! Brian Martin and the whole Seattle Crew, Gerard DePeralta and the SerialNine Crew, Brian and Billy from Armytrix, Ben Terry from Accuair, Brian Fox from BASF, Dizzy and Marshall from AirRex, Taka from SkyForged, Kato Wataru, Anna Koito, and the whole insane crew from Liberty Walk, the DUB Magazine DUB Show Tour crew, Ray, Cyrus, and Benno from SR Auto Group, John Neaime fromVancityExotics and Luka, Adam, Josh, Cody, Johnson, Clement, Kyle, S7LVER and the whole F7LTHYFamily around the world for your love and support!

LibertyWalk Ferrari 458 DocZilla at The SEMA Show Itsjustbrian

Interview Questions:
How did you first learn about Liberty Walk?
My first exposure to Liberty Walk was seeing the cover of DUB Magazine, Issue 88, with the LB GT-R and LB Ferrari 458. That was such an impactful issue for me.

What first drew you to the Liberty Walk style?
I love the look of widebody sports cars. The bolted-on overfender look was raw to me. It required superb fit and finishing work to pull the look off well, but also had a look to it that screamed racing due to its modularity and replaceability. These cars looked like they were from another level - from the mix of exotic materials to the stance and overall aggressiveness from front bumper to rear wing - the style broke convention.

This is your second LB car, what inspired you to do the same with the Ferrari?
I tracked many cars and loved the balance and agility of the GT-R and 458 equally. I couldn’t decide on one over the other, so I acquired both and after the GT-R was converted, the 458 begged for it, too. Besides, I always wanted to own a Ferrari and the ultimate tribute to my love for Liberty Walk designs was to go ahead and cut those fenders!

What’s your favorite aspect of the car? The sound of the exhaust is my absolute 100% favorite thing about the 458. Armytrix really nailed it on this one. During the SEMA rollout in 2013, Kato revved the crap out of the 458, and I fell instantly captivated from just the videos alone. But once I installed the exhaust and heard it in real life…unreal. When that 458 is under load, or in a tunnel…I feel like I’m in heaven!

What’s the best reaction someone has had to your car?
Girls out of a limo sunroof flashing their headlights.

What’s been the worst reaction to it?
Boys out of a side window on a Mustang flashing moonlight.

LibertyWalk Ferrari 458 DocZilla at The SEMA Show Itsjustbrian

How do you feel when you are driving it and when you bring it out to shows and car meets?
It is one of the best feelings of freedom and accomplishment I have ever experienced. It’s a rewarding feeling for me every time I bring it out. It represents both great mistakes and great decisions that have brought me to these moments of my life, so it is a very meaningful experience deep down.

You’re definitely an inspiration to a lot of readers and fans that follow you on social media. How do you feel about that?
Wow, I would have to say that I am humbled by it. I feel like I am fortunate enough to be able to express creativity through these projects and builds, and I wish that everyone could find an equally gratifying outlet as well. When friends on social media express their positive thoughts and support, it really energizes me and makes me feel like pursuing more projects. I want to see more people follow their creative pursuits. Whether it be through music, art, dance, writing, whatever media they choose, I want people to mutually inspire each other. If these builds help do that for some, then I can say that these builds have gone way beyond what I would ever expect.

Can you tell us about F7LTHY? How did it come about and what is it?
F7LTHY is my creative/artistic side. I led a life filled with rules all through my early education and into Medical School and my work as an MD. I followed all the rules and keep my clinical environment clean and sterilized as it should be! Since I did graffiti back in my high school years and tried to be creative with comic art and the car builds, I felt like it was a chance for me to break those boundaries and flex the other side of the brain, the F7LTHY side. My crew in Vancouver loved the idea and we started making decals for our rides and it caught on like a big growing family. People started repping all over the place, showing off their rides and posting pics to me on social media. I’m glad there are people out there who understand that it’s not a club, but more like a vibe to keep being creative and expressive.

LibertyWalk Ferrari 458 DocZilla at The SEMA Show Itsjustbrian

How’s the scene up in Vancouver?
I find that it is a strong scene up here in the Pacific Northwest / Western Canada. Vancouver has the highest number of supercars per capita than any other place in North America apparently, and the tuner scene here is live. There are plenty of shows, meets, and cruises to keep you busy whether you like VW Bugs or Bugattis. Luckily we barely get snow in this part of Canada and my turbos love that cold crisp air! Canadians find a way around most types of weather though, like my Filipino BBQ is on all year round even if there’s icicles on my roof.

What the next project car for you?
Ahhhh… a Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale Liberty Walk is being built as we speak. It is a special build. This kit is a sort of collaboration as it was the first designed by Liberty Walk with Rocket Bunny and Fairy Designs Japan influences. It is such a gorgeous kit and I can’t wait to bring it to SEMA 2016. Also I will be doing a very special project with RWB (Rauh Welt Begriff) and will build a project car with Akira Nakai that we will both work on and share. Look out for a 2017 NSX Liberty Walk project in the future, too, once I can get my F7LTHY paws on that car!

Any last words to the readers, followers, fans?
In 2010, I attended my first SEMA show. I didn’t really fit in. I looked around with wide eyes, kept my mouth mostly shut and kept snapping pics. I was so inspired by the cars and people there. I wondered how these extraordinary people with unbelievably gorgeous cars could do these builds. It felt like I was on another planet, and I also felt like I would never be able to approach the level of skill and creativity needed to be rubbing shoulders with the industry’s elite. Never say never. In 2014 I brought my GT-R to the DUB Booth at SEMA. In 2015 I brought my GT-R and Ferrari to SEMA. In 2016 I will be bringing three or maybe four of my cars to SEMA, along with a bunch of other F7LTHY rides from my friends and colleagues in the industry. If a guy like me could do this, then I can’t see why anyone else with the same aspirations couldn’t do similar or better. Follow visions with focus. Stay F7LTHY.