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Wednesday, 21 February 2018 22:17


Written by Kristie Real | Photos: Brian McGee

We’ve come across quite a few car connoisseurs in our years at the magazine, but none have the passion or vision that J.J. “DocZilla” Dubec possess.

A veteran of our pages and our sister publication LFTD & LVLD, DocZilla has put together some of flashiest and hottest rides in recent years. At first it was his Nissan GT-R that got our attention, followed by his Ferrari 458 and then his modded out Jeep Wrangler. Now, his Acura NSX stole the show at SEMA 2017 as one of the most talked about vehicles. We caught up with the J.J. to talk about the process of putting together his latest beauty and more!

Interior cabin of filthy NSX

Your NSX was one of the most talked about vehicles at SEMA. How did this project all start out for you?
I personally always wished to own an Acura NSX and was very excited about the new concept and new design.This project began at SEMA 2015 when I had a discussion with Liberty Walk’s founder, Kato Wataru. He asked me what projects I thought would be cool to do for the future and we both agreed we were excited seeing the concept drawings and renderings of the new (2nd Gen) NSX, which we thought would be out in early 2016. I told him that I would be excited to do a Liberty Walk widebody project once the car was finally released.

Interior cabin of filthy NSX