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Thursday, 21 December 2017 02:36



Drew Evans doesn’t let adulting get in the way of his true passion - the JDM lifestyle.

images of infiniti g37xs engine

As an interactive director by day in Philadelphia, PA and a tuner by night and on weekends, he continues to pursue a passion he first developed back in high school as fiercely as when he first started. The avid JDM enthusiast, has owned several vehicles through the years, taking a special liking to Nissan/Infiniti platforms. “I went from my first Nissan - a 1996 Altima SE in high school - to a 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe, then to a 2008 Nissan Armada LE, then to a 2011 Infiniti FX50S, and owned a Nissan Juke Nismo as a daily,” he explains about his car history. “But my 2013 G37XS sedan I have practically spent the last five years building. I suppose you can say I’ve come full circle with the Nissan family.”

Originally purchased for his wife, the G37 later become his after they found out they were having their third child - a transition he didn’t mind at all! As soon as he took the car, his tuning-based mind started to think about all the possibilities on how to make it unique.

interior shot of driver and front passenger seats

“It was originally white with very basic bolt-on modifications, but after winning a few shows (like ‘Best Infiniti’) in 2014, I got a taste of competition and decided to go full throttle on a full all-around build and never looked back.”

Seeing the level of what it takes to become a SEMA build left him filled with inspiration and he knew he had to create something that would hold its own at the biggest aftermarket stage in the world.

With a mission to make it a unique, one-of-kind sedan, he wanted to build something that represented his vision, no matter how challenging it became. And since not many parts were made for the sedan, Evans needed to modify coupe parts for his project. “There are pieces on this build which were never meant to fit, and took much time to fabricate and pull off,” he explains. “Many coupes can do what this build can, but never as a sedan. The G was a guinea pig for so many parts, but I enjoyed the challenge. I also pride myself on keeping the majority of aftermarket build parts JDM.”

images of infiniti g37xs interior and engine

The highlight of the build has to be the Liberty Walk kit that was actually made for the coupe, but thanks to some fabrication it was fitted to his 4-door. “It’s a statement I can say proudly that no other G37 sedan in the world can. Being one-off definitely makes it my favorite modification, and it’s a real neck breaker when on the road.” To make sure it was seen, he chose a blazing Candy Apple red exterior and some aggressively wheels, going with a set of custom Work Meister S1 3-piece forged (gloss black lip and inner / outer barrels with matte graphite face) wheels wrapped in a set of Toyo Proxes R888 rubber. “The fact that I run my camber at OEM spec and hardly any stretch at all on a 295 (front) and 325 (rear) setup with wheels that wide is mind blowing,” he adds. Another highlight is the fully polished engine bay, which is another world’s only fully polished Stillen/Vortech v3 Supercharger setup. According to Evans, the process of polishing every piece under the hood took over a year itself to complete.

Drew explains that he named his G37 build “Mars” because of his love for astronomy and the reddish hue of it’s custom paint job. This is where the starry interior and trunk headliners come into play, which sport fiber optic night sky star simulations of actual constellations – quite a sight to behold in person. “The process was done by poking hundreds of tiny holes in custom Alcantara material and feeding them throughout the vehicle,” he details. “My family’s zodiac signs / constellations are on display on the trunk liner, too.”

Now in year five of the build, Evans admits that there were several nights he slept on couches trying to get work done prior to some of the bigger shows he’s shown at. But all that late-night work was more than welcomed to help his vision come to fruition. Like any tuner or customizer will tell you, the work is never complete and Evans still likes to switch things up a bit with new mods every so often. But don’t think the sedan is merely a trailer queen because Evans makes sure to give his Infiniti as much love as he can, bringing the whole famliy along for the fun! And when he does, he thoroughly enjoys watching other drivers slow down in traffic to take photos, give him thumbs up and simply admire his build.

external rear shot of infiniti g37xs

liberty walk | Drew Evans - Instagram @drewjevans