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Friday, 22 December 2017 00:27

MAMBA GT3 | Street Concept

Written by Kristie Real | Photos: Casborn Styling Group

Watch out Ferrari and Lamborghini, the totally bespoke MAMBA GT3 Street Concept is looking to be the new street/track dominator! Straight from a collaboration by Casborn styling Group (a private industrial design brand and engineering manufacturer of custom rides in Miami, FL,) and Hoffy Automobiles comes a serious monster for the streets that’s based around the already very aggressive and powerful BMW M4. To transform it into the ultimate street-legal beast, the M4 was stripped down to its core to make way for one-of-a-kind parts that would make its GT3 racecar inspirations a reality. “The BMW M4 F82 powertrain served as the perfect chassis for this level of bespoke build,” says founder Ramone Casborn. “The frames natural lines spelled race, its base engineering yelled, “I’m a beast, play with me,’ so we did. We took a brand new M4 and completely stripped her to the shell, then rebuilt her again.”

Images of Mamba GT3 including wheel and interior

While still in development, a clear design with “amazing aerodynamics” and “engineering aesthetics” were common keywords, with the fusion of form and function vital from the initial theme sketch through the first prototype vehicle rolling out on the streets.

“We wanted to make a car that could destroy any supercar it came across at a red light or in an open highway battle anywhere in the world by an experienced driver,” Casborn says. “The MAMBA gained its base inspirations from the extremely intense and radical GT3/DTM and F1 circuit, old rally style BMWs and ultimately the very snake it’s named after, the mamba.”

Interior shot of Mamba GT3

The BMW M4 F82 powertrain served as the perfect chassis for this level of bespoke build. Its frames natural lines spelled race, its base engineering yelled, “I am a beast, play with me,” so we did. – Founder Ramone Casborn

Extreme in every possible way, its widebody styling package is made using proprietary carbon ceramic composite material that had been race and aerospace tested at high speeds. Out front is a redesigned front fascia that features a large air dam and some exaggerated side scoops, while its side fender flares provide it with a sort of DTM style look Casborn was going for. For the rear, there’s a wing that was inspired by the Toyota Supra and Plymouth’s Hemi Superbird and Road Runner models. They’ve also integrated a rear fascia and new diffuser into the mix to optimize the aggressive look they envisioned.

External rear shot of Mamba GT3

The MAMBA’s team made sure to perfect its power with constant research and development and proven ability on private tracks for verifications of its street/track potentials. The result is an engineering package with several horsepower options depending on the client’s inner speed demon ranging from 550hp to 1,000hp, with a 210 mph top speed and 0-60 mph ability in 2.8 seconds for the boldest package – numbers that are on par with the world’s supercars. All of this is possible thanks to its Methanol injection system, modified quick shifter transmission, upgraded GT3 racing suspension and amazing stopping power via Brembo GT Brakes. For wheels, there are various 20”-21” selections and an optional ballistic package is also available. All this adds to its street racing fury and appeal to clients who want something unique and different from the average supercar.

External rear shot of Mamba GT3

The interior is no different, with a totally redesigned cabin for the most discerning client. New racing GT sport seating, steering wheel, shifter and headliner are all available in Alcantara, along with a number of other bespoke options that clients can choose when building their very own MAMBA GT3. And Casborn Styling Group has partnered with one of the most exclusive high-end manufacturers in audio to provide only the very best sound system for the MAMBA, putting out well over 600W of studio-level sound quality.

In fact, each client is provided with their own “Build Sheet Questionnaire” that details all the different options they can tailor their GT3 with. “Each MAMBA GT3 is a truly a unique build to each client,” Casborn says. “Each one is completely different in nature but yet the same which means each client is very different but has the same kind of character traits. They know what they want in a dream supercar we just help them to get there faster.”

Total cost for a complete MAMBA GT3 Street Concept vehicle starts at $211K for the 550hp model all the way to $350K for the full-blown 1,000-hp water injected hypercar version that uses a V8 or V10 engine block. Currently, the company is working with eight private clients on their individual builds, with six already at the post-service agreement stages and moving on to making their MAMBA visions a reality.

Despite getting the initial models out on the road, the company is already thinking ahead and will upgrade future versions with a new front fascia, with more “F1-level options,” mentions Casborn. They are also in the early design stages for a MAMBA GTX-R model, with only three units available which is already garnering interest. “A person who wants and owns a MAMBA GT3 is a rare breed of monster,” he explains. “They are beasts in their careers and they have worked very hard and overcome all the odds to get to where they are in life now; wealthy, extremely private and winning. They have no fear and truly do not care how people feel about them.”

External front shot of Mamba GT3

Mamba GT3