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Wednesday, 19 September 2018 01:22

Tanner Fox : Lamborghini Huracan

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Many car guys start out the same way. As teenagers, they fantasize about owning a 200-mph exotic, pouring over YouTube videos, pictures, and articles of their favorite supercar. They happen to catch a glimpse on the streets of the 500+ horsepower beast they’ve been obsessing over and think to themselves, “one day, that will be mine.” However, it is only a very select group that actually gets to live that dream. And it is an even more exclusive group that gets to live that dream by the age of 21. Tanner J. Fox is one of those chosen few, purchasing…
When you’re at the top of your game, the only thing you can do is evolve into a better version of yourself. Such was the case for Orlando-based luxury auto sales and customization shop Ultimate Auto. As a well known player in the customization scene, a glance at their Instagram page immediately showcases their talent and expertise. Their Widebody Shelby GT500 Super Snake was a reader favorite back in Issue 87 and now we’ve got a pair of stunning exotics for you to feast your eyes on. We touched base with CEO Joe Labon to discuss the shop’s latest projects…
Friday, 31 August 2018 02:26

Cain Velasquez

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There is an old adage that comes from boxing that goes, “A great big man will always beat a great little man.” In MMA, too many fighters take this saying to absurd lengths, cutting enormous amounts of weight for weigh-ins and then gaining it all back to fight the following evening. This practice has become more and more extreme in the sport these days, with fighters risking their future health and, sometimes, not even making the weight they were obligated to. But in doing this, many fighters have proven that old adage true time and time again, with the bigger…
When a regular off-road custom just won’t do, those with a flexible bank account can drop $178K on the Rezvani TANK, the company’s “Xtreme Utility Vehicle” that’s cut from the same cloth as other military-grade vehicles. Known for their carbon fiber-trimmed supercars, Rezvani decided to change things up to offer their most extreme street-legal model to date. “With the disappearance of the Hummer, we felt no one was making the masculine, military-style SUV, so we set out to make that,” describes Ferris Rezvani, founder of Rezvani Motors. “The idea came from the brutal military trucks, but from the future. It…
Wednesday, 08 August 2018 20:09


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Anyone who was a fan of the import scene in the early 1990s and 2000s might recall the Black Widow series of body kits by Ground Designs 2000, owned by Ivan Tampi, which adorned many Honda and Toyota sport compacts of the period. Then there was the Black Widow Ford Mustang body kit that led to a collaboration with Ford, as Tampi was given the chance to transform a few of their vehicles for promotional purposes. Created by Tampi in an age where imports reigned supreme, his success turned out to be his downfall, as everyone started to copy his…
Thursday, 26 July 2018 23:15

American Muscle

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The appeal of American muscle cars transcends American borders, intriguing an international audience that appreciates the rich history, big horsepower and exceedingly good looks of these timeless rides. One such admirer is Johan Eriksson, more popularly known as “Volvo Johan,” “Viper Johan” or “Charger Johan,” who hails from Sweden. Ever since he could remember, he’s been fascinated by everything with an engine and began his customizing career at an early age. Growing up in the country in Värmland, Sweden, Johan took an interest in American muscle car culture, primarily Mopar with their big engines and heavy attribute compressors and headers…
Friday, 06 July 2018 21:38

AMC Javelin

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When you think of pro-touring cars, images of masterfully modded Camaros and Mustangs come to mind. The classic beauty of these timeless automobiles combined with modern necessities and enhanced performance parts can bring any grown man to his knees. But the last vehicle you’d ever picture after hearing the word “pro-touring” is an AMC Javelin. The American front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, two-door hardtop wasn’t always easy on the eyes in its heyday, and wouldn’t be categorized as a worthy pro-touring model until the legendary Ringbrothers got their hands on one! When Prestone approached the Wisconsin-based car builders about doing a build for…
This years Charlotte Monster Energy DUB Show Fueled by Nitto tour stop held on Saturday, May 5th was one for the books! Some of the nation’s hottest cars, trucks, Jeeps, Lowriders, motorcycles and exotics filled every inch of the Park Expo Centetr. Along with Charlotte's most prominent car clubs displaying and exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest, the show had something for everyone.
We’re always pumped for the Monster Energy DUB Show Fueled by Nitto L.A. tour stop and the 2018 one held on Sunday, March 11th was one for the books! Some of the nation’s hottest cars, trucks, Jeeps, Lowriders, motorcycles and exotics filled every inch of the Los Angeles Convention center’s upper South Hall. Along with L.A.’s most prominent car clubs displaying and exhibitors showcasing the latest and greatest, the show had something for everyone.
Friday, 23 March 2018 00:19

The Hundreds X BIGFOOT 4x4 Collab

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The Hundreds have dropped another dope collabo, this time with the pioneers of The Original Monster Truck! The Hundreds X BIGFOOT drops s Friday, March 23, at The Hundreds Los Angeles, our US and UK Online Shops, PacSun, and select authorized retailers. The history of BIGFOOT goes back to the mid-’70s when Bob Chandler—a former construction contractor with a passion for off-roading and a knack for showmanship and experimentation—souped up his Ford F-250 with gargantuan tires and created the world’s first ’monster truck.’ The vehicle, dubbed "BIGFOOT" (because of its driver’s lead foot) pioneered a brand new motorsport, performing the…