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Saturday, 12 May 2018 00:04

The Automotive Design Element That Pulls It All Together

Written by Patric Fransko

If you’re are reading this article, it’s clear that you appreciate good vehicle design. It’s hard to place your finger right on what makes one car a show-stopping ride and another one that misses the mark. The fact is that we all know that right look when we see it. Sometimes it’s the color, sometimes it’s the stance, while other times it can be the wheels or just a combination of all of the above.

However, there is one common denominator that all great cars share. If you get this right, it just makes the entire package that much stronger. If you get this wrong, the entire project seems a little off. What are we talking about? Choosing the proper window tint, of course! Hitting the mark with the tint you’ve installed is imperative to the overall look you are trying to create. You should already know that window tint is not an afterthought from this article in LFTD & LVLD, but now we want to explain how the right film depends on a variety of things you should consider before making a choice on what you’ll have installed.