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Saturday, 12 May 2018 00:49

3 reasons you should tint your ride.

Written by Patric Fransko

If you’re reading this piece, it’s safe to say that you appreciate a customized vehicle. However, with all of the vehicle customizations possible, and likely a limited budget, how do you choose? Here are three primary reasons why window tint should be at the top of your vehicle customization list:

  1. Enhanced Looks - This is the obvious and typically primary reason that most people get their vehicle tinted. I think most of us can agree that quality window tint just makes your vehicle look better. There is a reason that nearly all automotive manufacturers photograph their vehicles with tinted windows. It gives the design a cleaner overall look and allows the eye to be drawn to the lines of the vehicle as opposed to being distracted by the interior view through the glass. Along with a great wheel and tire upgrade, it is hard to argue that few things do more to improve the looks of a vehicle than window tint.
  2. Preservation of the Vehicle Interior -
    Most of us have seen damage to a vehicle’s interior caused by the sun. The sun can destroy many things like dashboards, leather covered items, seats, carpet, etc. The UV rays from the sun along with heat and visible light can wreak havoc on a vehicle’s interior, especially if it spends a significant amount of time outside exposed throughout the day. Window tint protects your interior by significantly reducing the three main causes of this damage, UV rays, visible light and heat.

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