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Tuesday, 17 May 2005 00:39

Slim Thug

Written by Edgard Zuniga

Until he gets his license back, Slim will have to settle for rides to and fro. But when talking about the 760Li, that is not so bad. Although it looks virtually the same as the 745Li, the 760Li is built with a longer wheelbase (123.2 inches long) that includes a pneumatic rear suspension. The longer wheelbase means that the 760Li stretches to 203.5 inches total, which translates into 5.5 extra inches of limo-like legroom for backseat occupants, which is great for Slim. A longer door also eases movement into and out of the vehicle. Rear passengers get first-class treatment courtesy of independently-controlled air conditioning and a cooling box for drinks. Slim’s 760Li rocks Axis wheels and 22-inch Pirelli 265/35 R22 Scorpion Zero tires.

Even with its litany of amenities the 760Li must bow to the Phantom lord. Much has been written and said about the venerable Rolls-Royce Phantom. Yet, it is never enough. The Phantom is a thing of dreams, moving silently and sleekly as a specter traveling on a baby’s breath. It is pure luxury. It is all muscle.

slim thug

Slim’s 2005 Phantom has the trademark long hood that is characteristic of Rolls-Royce sedans before it. Lying beneath the hood is a beast—a 453 hp, 6.8-liter V-12 that gets the 5,577-lb Phantom from 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds. The majestic Phantom glides on color-matched 24-inch GFG Trento-7’s wrapped in Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires, ensuring a gentle ride.

slim thug

Although it weighs in at nearly three tons, the Phantom was built using an aluminum frame, which is the lightest ever used by Rolls-Royce. Like the 760Li, the Phantom comes with a spacious interior and generous room in the backseat. But there is no comparison. Passengers are safely nestled in a virtual lounge, with seats that are located next to the C-Pillars instead of the doors.

“I had been wanting a Bentley for a long time. But it wasn’t big enough for me. I seen the Phantom in a 50 Cent video—P.IM.P.—and the Phantom is a big car.”

slim thug

Considerably a tall guy, Slim never really played sports in high school. “I was trying to get home from school, not stay after,” he said. Instead, he would devote his time to cars--one in particular. “I had a 1975 Cadillac El Dorado and I used to spend all my time trying to fix it up,” he said. “It was an old car and I was a young dude and I didn’t have a lot of money. There was so much to redo and restore.”

slim thug