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Wednesday, 28 November 2007 21:53


Written by Tamara Warren

After the Benz, Omarion moved to the brawny Hummer H2. “I did everything possible to that car—suede in the headliners, my emblem (the ‘O’ crown) in the seats and floor mats, new TVs that fly out, a box in the trunk. I wanted to do the truck thing,” he explained. “When I would pull up, people would hear me from miles away.”
He toyed with the idea of owning an Aston Martin, but grew bored with the Tiptronic automatic transmission (the 911 Porsche didn’t quite grab him, either). “The Aston Martin I only had for a little bit of time. I was testing out a friend’s for a week,” he said. “That was me wanting to have a fast coupe. The Aston Martin came, and I was infatuated with it. And then, I didn’t want it.”

As he matured, then came the Bentley Flying Spur and Ferraris. Rounding out the collection are a Range Rover Sport and Mercedes Benz ML (which he gave to his mom).


Omarion likes to be behind the wheel for his busy days, which include dance sessions, working out and possibly filming for one of many projects in the works including an upcoming film produced by Jennifer Lopez. “I drive myself most of the time. If I get tired, my bodyguard will drive me,” he said. “Most of the time I kind of like to be in control of how I get around.”

On the L.A. freeways, Omarion might bump some jazz and rock music. “It’s funny—I love dancing so much that when I’m turning my left clicker I’m turning on beats. It has that timing effect with my driving,” he said. If he’s just finished recording, he can’t wait to get in the car. “That’s when [the music] really passes the test; when we’re at the studio we have the engineer burn a CD to listen to in the car, so we can have time with our music to make sure we like how it sounds,” he explained.

Whether he’s at work, play or seeking inspiration, Omarion is always behind the wheel.

The Truth with Omarion


Favorite Sports team: My teams are the New Orleans Saints—Reggie Bush is my guy—and the Los Angeles Lakers.
Video games: “Halo” (Bungie Studios, 2001) and “Call of Duty” (Activision, 2003).
What music do you listen to on your iPod or car?
If I’m cruising, I must confess to being a jazz fan—94.7 FM The Wave (KTWV, Los Angeles), a station set on my radio. I’m also feeling Robin Thicke.
What’s your dream car?
I don’t know. Right now, what I’m looking forward to that Rolls-Royce Phantom 101X; the cars that you have to put a whole lot of money into. I’m going to get in the old school Mustangs. I’m working on it right now.

Photos: Elle G.


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