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Friday, 13 July 2007 18:04

Luscious Liz

Written by Nick Halili

Luscious LizWith a gorgeous smile and a down-to-earth charm that matches her sweet, yet sexy voice, Liz Hernandez has graced TV, magazine covers, billboards and even her own calendar. However, “Luscious” Liz (her radio name) is best known for being the co-host on Los Angeles hip-hop station Power 106’s (KPWR, 105.9 FM) morning show, “Big Boy’s Neighborhood.”

One of Liz’s on-air strengths is her appeal to both male and female radio listeners. On her “This Just Handed to Me…” entertainment reports, she dishes the latest Hollywood news as if she’s hanging out with her closest girlfriends, sharing the latest celebrity gossip. But on her “Booty Call” segment, in which she recounts hook-up stories sent in by the show’s listeners, she switches to a sultry, sexy voice that can melt the ears off any male within range of the station’s radio signal.

Luscious Liz

Liz’s friendly persona isn’t just for radio, either. She really is the girl-next-door for a lot of her listeners in Southern California (at least the ones from Riverside). Born and raised in “The Inland Empire,” Liz wasn’t your typical cheerleader-type in high school, but instead, ran hurdles on the track team and was an athletic trainer for the football and wrestling teams. Although not the prom queen, she shyly recalls, “I got ‘Most Huggable’ when I was a senior,” which was a hallmark of the genial, easy-going personality that has helped make her successful in the radio business.

Luscious Liz

When DUB caught up with her, she was back in her hometown of Riverside, visiting family and shopping with friends at a nearby mall (how’s that for down-to-earth):

DUB: What’s it like working on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood?”
Liz: It’s really a treat to work with Big Boy. If you think he’s funny on-air, you should hear him off-air. He’s very smart, very wise; you learn something new from him every single day.

Luscious Liz

DUB: What’s the funniest or most embarrassing moment you’ve had on air?
Liz: The most embarrassing thing that happened on air was when Big “Phonetapped” me [a segment on Big Boy’s show in which he plays practical jokes on people over the phone]. He called me up about a week after I got hired, said there was a meeting and told me that, basically, I was fired. He even called up my producer on the other line. I literally choked up and was about to bawl my eyes out.



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