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Saturday, 06 April 2019 00:32

Power Player: Pro Motorsports Featured

Written by Kristie Real | Jay Canter
Power Player: Pro Motorsports

Fascinated with the world of customization, Jim and his brother started tinkering on their own rides in high school and have never stopped. “It’s just gotten bigger and better,” he exclaims. The shop began because the brothers wanted a place to customize rides for family and friends. A few pro athletes he knew at the time saw what he was doing and wanted him to work on their cars. “A player with the KC Royals asked me if I could fix one up for him and it just started taking off from there. Since then, we’ve built more than 645 athletes’ cars to date and many more for countless friends and clients.”

Power Player: Pro Motorsports

Pro Motorsports does it all but paint, which provides clients the convenience of not having to scout out different shops for all the things they want to do to their cars. Because Jim wants to provide the best experience and product possible, he’s continually striving to stay on top of every cutting-edge technology out there, no matter how big or small. Although he’s always busy, Jim makes sure that he has his crew go through constant training to be able to stay at the top of their game to keep them one of the most sought after shops in the region.

Power Player: Pro Motorsports

“Nothing is more important than the relationships I build with our clients,” he explains. “The bottom line is, I’ve always loved sports and I truly enjoy the great amount of time I spend with my pro clients. So many of them have become great friends and because of the time I commit to them, we really know how to make their vision an efficient and convenient reality. In return they know they can totally trust us at a time in their lives when so many people are trying to take advantage of them. We won’t defy that trust. It’s what got us here.”


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