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Monday, 07 March 2011 12:51

Paul Rodriguez and the Nike SB team unveil the Lincoln Park Skate Spot Featured

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This past Saturday, the Paul Rodriguez Skate Foundation, the LA84 Foundation and Nike SB have teamed up to create a new skate spot designed by skateboarding legend Lance Mountain and California Skateparks in Lincoln Park. “I wanted to get back to basics,” Mountain said of the Lincoln Park Skate Spot’s inspiration. “The goal was to produce something that is reminiscent of the early days of skate culture when kids would teach themselves balance and control by riding hills. This skate spot is built with a slight angle, 7 degrees in some places. It combines street elements with a traditional snake run to create a truly distinctive skate experience.” The goal of the new spot is to offer features that engage the many diverse styles of skateboarding and to focus on movement and not just tricks. As skateboarding continues to evolve and move forward as a sport, the Lincoln Park Skate Spot provides local skaters with a safe and innovative place to skate. “I’m jealous of the kids today,” said Rodriguez. “I could’ve used a place like this growing up! I’m really happy that the Lincoln Heights community will have a quality and easily accessible skate spot. Los Angeles needs more skate friendly spots!”