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Wednesday, 12 March 2014 19:42

DUB Magazine Feature: Juicy J Featured

Written by
DUB Magazine Feature: Juicy J Over the course of his career, Juicy J has gained more than enough success to fuel his interest in cars, owning practically every luxurious and exotic make and model that other lyricists can only rap about. “I used to have all kinds of crazy cars,” the 38-year-old rapper, born Jordan Houston, confesses. “When I first got a little bit of money to even a buy a car, I went a bit crazy and bought every one I could f*cken find. I bought myself a Bentley, Maybach, two Benzes… Like I used to be a serious car fanatic.” Still a heavy hitter in today’s hip-hop climate who can afford anything he wants, J’s love for cars doesn’t burn as bright as it used to…but that doesn’t mean he’s not flaunting some serious eye-candy on four wheels these days. “I’ve owned so many cars over the years that I don’t really enjoy them now as much, mainly because I’m on the road all the time and don’t have time to really have fun with them as much as I’d like,” he says. “It’s not like it used to be when every time a new car came out I had to have it.” Read on at!