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Wednesday, 16 February 2011 16:57

DeTomaso SLC and Cadillac SRX, Getting Rather Cozy Featured

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  DeTomaso has unveiled a few images of their luxury crossover concept, the SLC, and at first glance it appears the General (GM) let them raid their parts bin on more than just a few points to the car.   The exterior of the DeTomaso is rather generic, with perhaps a few lines borrowed from the current BMW 5-Series and Audi, but otherwise it's just your typical five door, luxury transporter. Underneath this skin is where we start to see the Cadillac influence. The front door panels dashboard, and instrument cluster are all decidedly Cadillac SRX. It's base V-6 powerplant, offering 296 horsepower, also sounds a bit too familiar to just call it coincidence.   Buyers will also have the choice between a 524 horsepower V-8 and a 247 horsepower turbo diesel (six cylinder). At this point, these are only observations, as the details of the concept won't be released until next month at the Geneva Show (March 3-13, 2011).   While these photos represent its concept model, the plans are in the works to produce 3,000 of these SLC's next year going for $115,000 a pop. Hopefully, Detomaso will also find space to fit a two seat sports car somewhere in their lineup, such as maybe a Pantera/Mangusta successor! (Photos via