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Tuesday, 07 April 2009 14:47

DC Releases Ken Block's Latest Gymkhana Video Remix Featured

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Check out DC Co-founder Ken Block’s Gymkhana Practice video, that also has newly released Bonus Edit of the video—with never-before-seen footage and an alternate spin at DC’s new minisite Gymkhana (jim-kah-nuh) is an automotive sport that takes place on an open tarmac area, such as a parking lot or old airfield, and requires drivers to push their limits of car control and unlock their true abilities while skillfully maneuvering their cars around a series of cones, slaloms, 180-degree turns, 360-degree turns, figure eight turns or other obstacles using extreme acceleration, braking, and drifting. For this practice session, Block, who is a professional rally car driver for Subaru Rally Team USA and three-time X Games medalist, created an insane gymkhana “on steroids” course around El Toro airfield to showcase his high-speed technical prowess on the tarmac. When Block isn’t rally racing, he pushes the limits of gymkhana. For this private practice session he brought along the guys from Mad Media to document the action. After Crawford Performance custom-tuned his supremely versatile Subaru WRX STI, he took gymkhana to another level by testing his driving skills with first-ever donuts spun around a moving object (Segway), perhaps the most hyped part of the video. Segway pilot and director of the clip, Josh Martelli deserves a shout out for stepping up to the plate in this dangerous scenario. [gallery]