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Wednesday, 14 February 2018 02:29

Would You Rather? Hennessey Performance 1,000HP Dodge Demon or 1,000HP Chevy Exorcist

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THE EXORCIST now has a playmate at Hennessey Performance: The Dodge Demon. But before they begin playing and before they begin to modify the Demon,they need to test the stock car as it came from Dodge. Hennessey Performance will be offering a line of high-performance and racing upgrades for the 2018 Dodge Demon Hellcat Challenger including: NHRA legal roll cage, parachute upgrade, headers, engine tuning, upgraded supercharger systems from 1000 to 1500 HP and more. THE EXORCIST dropped a few months ago and s available as a complete turnkey vehicle which includes the base ZL1 Camaro. They offer THE EXORCIST as both a coupe and convertible. Production is limited to just 100 examples making THE EXORCIST very rare and exclusive. So the big question is, which Hennessey Performance custom would you rather get behind the wheel of?!