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Thursday, 04 October 2018 02:40

Hottest Tesla ever?

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Tesla Model 3 complete with R-Zentric Model 3R widbody aerokit from RevoZport

Is this the hottest Tesla ever?

With a passion to ensure ultimate aerodynamic grip and that nothing less than perfection is acceptable. The team at RevoZport Racing Technology has once again delivered understated elegance with the launce of the brand new R-Zentric Model 3R Aerokit.

As the name suggest, the R-Zentric M3R is designed with a focus on the Model 3 delivering a constant 'Rack Track' type performance. By extending the track width by 15mm on each side, accommodating the gront with the lightweight forged aluminum wheels in 9J with 255 tires while the rear wheels at 11J with 305 mm tires. The setup ensures that the higest demands of power delvery particularly when cornering are achieved resulting in increased traction at the tyres.

The aero kit, particularly, the rear end of the Model 3R is heavily inspired by the new Tesla Roadster. Designed entirely through CAD and CFD, the carbon fiber composite components fitted to the Model 3R are custom designed following extensive researchusing sophisticated state of teh art manufacturing process that deliver to the very highest quality standards.

Scheduled for shipping during early October 2018 the kit will be available in a choice of Gloss or Matt/Satin finishes and an exclusive RevoZport Forged Carbon finish. Prices will start from around $9,500.00.