The Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV is one of the most luxurious SUVs on the market, and is a choice ride in every executive or celebrity's stable. Its iconic boxy styling and utilitarian origins has been a mainstay in the Mercedes-Benz lineup for more than 35 years and has become a status symbol for those with discerning taste. Customization of the G-Wagon is usually limited to that of the off-road style, but in recent years tuners have taken a more aggressive approach to give it a sportier look. MC Customs is one such tuner that was commissioned by veteran MLB player Robinson…
Tuesday, 09 February 2016 00:25

Von Miller: Flip Mode

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Every superhero has two sides to their personality. Batman is a suave millionaire playboy when he’s not fighting crime. Superman is a clumsy, mild mannered reporter when he’s not saving the world. And when Denver Broncos All-Pro Linebacker Von Miller isn’t crushing NFL quarterbacks, you will likely find him wearing one of the many cowboy hats in his extensive collection or helping Denver’s less fortunate youth get eye exams and glasses via his charity. Although Von doesn’t have a secret identity like Batman and Superman do, he does have a name for the two sides of his personality: A-Mode and…
Friday, 01 January 2016 22:29

Cliff Avril: That Guy

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Cliff Avril has seen it all in his NFL career. He is the only man to go from being on a winless team to becoming a Super Bowl Champion. A native Floridian who takes great pride in his Haitian heritage, the standout defensive end has worked his way up the ranks to become one of the cornerstones of the Seattle Seahawks’ dominant defense.
For Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus football is life, but life isn’t football. The 25-year-old NFL player from Birmingham, Al loves what he does, but doesn’t let it consume his entire life. While most players are already thinking about their goals for the next season after their last game, Dareus likes to take a break from football during the off-season to enjoy the finer things in life. It isn’t until he starts training camp that he starts to mentally prepare for the upcoming season and strategize his plan for the new season. “I spend time with my family, improve…
Tuesday, 08 December 2015 20:30

Mark Sanchez: California Kid

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Mark Sanchez may play football on the East Coast, but he’s a Southern California boy at heart. Currently residing in Philadelphia, PA, for the season as the backup quarterback for the Eagles, the fan favorite Sanchez loves to soak up Cali rays during the off-season in his Jeep Wrangler JK. We spent the day with USC’s former quarterback before the current NFL season and learned that despite all the fame, he’s a humble, laid-back guy who loves the beach, his dog and his Jeep.
Ice-T and his wife Coco have been known to push some of the most luxurious rides around NYC streets, and his current car game is on point. Boasting a motorized six-car garage that houses three rides on the first level and then hides three others right below, the avid car enthusiast has learned over the years that it’s not about a car’s model year, but rather its modifications.
DUB Magazine Issue 96 Available now! Thanks to the UFC, model and TV show host Arianny Celeste has the career of her dreams. As one of the first UFC Octagon girls, she’s been with the sport since 2006 and has seen it grow over the years into the wildly popular combat sport it is today. “It’s the fastest growing sport in the world,” she says. ”It’s been such a roller coaster ride traveling with the company and growing with the company. There are fights all over the world and it’s amazing to be a part of it.”
If you’re a fan of reality TV then you’re already familiar with VH1’s hit show “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” But for those not familiar with hip-hop’s next “it” girl, consider this feature an introduction because you’re about to hear more from the bold and talented Hazel-E in the near future.
Monday, 21 September 2015 00:00

Ludacris & DJ Infamous

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Ludacris is no stranger to fine rides – after all, he has an ongoing role in The Fast and the Furious movie franchise, so he knows a few things about hot cars and mods. But these days, the hip-hop artist’s car game limited to a handful of rides instead of a massive fleet he used to flaunt. “I’ve evolved and don't want to be as flashy anymore,” the 37-year-old rapper admits. “There was a time when I had 10 cars and then realized that I’m gone on tour half the time so it doesn’t make sense to have them sitting…
Friday, 18 September 2015 23:23

Ty Dolla $ign

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R&B is making a comeback after years of being shadowed by hip-hop and Ty Dolla $ign is leading the pack. As the go-to guy for R&B hooks and features, Ty (born Tyrone Griffin Jr.) is gearing up for a huge summer before he drops his highly anticipated debut album Free TC. His latest single “Drop That Kitty (feat. Charli XCX and Tinashe) is already slated to be one of summer’s top jams, and he’s going to be touring the world, performing at various summer concerts and festivals. Earlier this year, he was honored by MTV and included in their “Artist…
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