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Thursday, 19 May 2005 20:46

Brian Deegan

Written by Edgard Zuniga

brian deeganOn a more serious note, Deegan is amazing—in an insane sort of way.

“Competition drives me,” he said. “When it comes to Freestyle, I don’t like to lose. I’ve always wanted to win.

That drives me to progress in the sport since the better you are the more money you make. From day one, I’ve always wanted to be the biggest showoff. Nothing has changed. I’m just older. And now I’m making money for it.”

Vikings relied on their deadly axes or long swords to slay their victims. Deegan’s weapons of extreme destruction include an orange 2003 Honda CR250 and a black 2004 Honda CR250 with FMF motors and RG3 suspensions. The folks at West Coast Choppers put both together. With those bikes, Deegan now rules the world of Moto-X.

For a man known for his death-defying jumps and tricks, it is ironic that Deegan hails from one of the flattest places on Earth: Omaha, Nebraska. To anyone who has yet to visit the Cornhusker State, a scientific study revealed that the Kansas-Nebraska area is flatter than a pancake (a result of glaciers during the Ice Age).

brian deegan

Nonetheless, Deegan developed interest in dirt bikes when a new neighbor moved in. “He was older than me, he raced dirt bikes and he was cool,” Deegan said. “I looked up to him.”

brian deegan

By the time he was eight, Deegan was ripping up the dirt on a little Honda XR 50. “I was kinda the outcast [because of] racing, since Nebraska is a football country,” Deegan said. Shortly after graduating from high school he made the choice to turn professional and move to California, “chasing a dream,” he admitted.

He got a deal with a racing team, started making money, raced for about five years on the AMA Circuit, and did well on the track. A swell end to a cute story, right? Come’ on, this is Brian Deegan. Viking mentality, remember? “I was the rebel kid in racing and I didn’t follow the rules,” Deegan said. “I was the one the owner didn’t want to support. I had my own attitude and character and they (AMA) didn’t like that.”

brian deegan



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