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Saturday, 21 May 2005 00:57

Al Harris

Written by Blake Avalone

al harrisIn the ever-expanding DUB universe, unbelievable automobile collections and the unabashed glamour of their respective superstar owners are practically par for the proverbial course. Expensive and exclusive exotics, Boeing-sized SUVs, and the latest luxury sedans grace virtually every page of our magazine—all of them seemingly adorned with enough bling, bells, and whistles to satisfy our celebrity subjects’ every wish and whim.

Yet, every once in a while one of the athletes or entertainers that we cover presents us with a fleet of flashy whips so outrageously ill that it stands out about as loudly as a Minnesota Vikings hat on a Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field. Al Harris, the Green Bay Packers’ defensive back whom you have most likely seen patrolling the secondary on that famed Wisconsin field has done just that and more—a lot more.

Harris made a name for himself with the Philadelphia Eagles as a hard-hitting tackler with the sort of position skills so deft that they would routinely turn game-breaking wideouts into claustrophobic victims of his blanket coverage. In 2003, the Texas A&M-Kingsville product was dealt by the Birds to their NFC rival Packers. Over the course of the 2004 season—during which he started every game, Harris compiled an impressive 62 tackles and 28 pass breakups. Fans can quickly recognize Harris by his trademark dreadlocks if not his ferocious hits or breakneck downfield speed. Yet, even if Mr. Harris were to clip his signature mane, his equally unique and awesome automotive assortment would ensure that he is noticed absolutely anywhere he goes. From the freshest to the flyest, Al Harris has amassed a set of fine rides virtually impossible not to stare at in awe.

al harris

While not the costliest of his cars, perhaps the most eye-catching of his selection may be Harris’ brand new, black beauty—the Mercedes-Benz CLS 500. This recently released stunning combination of lines and luxury that Mercedes has proclaimed the world’s first “four-door coupe” turns heads when stock. Equip the CLS with two pairs of staggered, 20-inch Sequence SQ-2 chrome shoes like Harris and prepare to begin fielding insurance claims from bystanders’ whiplash complaints. The rims on Harris’ Benz are wrapped in Toyo Proxes 245/35R20 tires up front and 275/30R20 in rear. Just as the CLS has emmerged as a must-have for on and off the field ballers, Sequence wheels are slowly transforming from an exception to a customizers’ golden—or, better yet, chrome—rule.

al harris

Another new coupe, this one with the more traditional two-doors, hot on both the streets and in the suburbs is the Bentley GT Continental. Harris’ so-called “baby Bent” is actually quite grown however, due largely in part to the 22-inch Axis Bespoke Crewe rims upon which it has the pleasure to sit. Automotive culture enthusiasts have had no choice but to thank Bentley in unison for finally rolling a ride off its production line with enough width in the wells to accommodate 22s. The icy Axis chrome on Harris’ GT is kept warm with Pirelli Scorpion Zero 265/35R22 rubber.

al harris

While English and German stunners are certainly nice, occasionally some classic American flavor can really help a collection seem slightly more complete. Al Harris’ tricked-out 2002 Cadillac DeVille helps ensure that the Green Bay standout has a whip to push proudly on Memorial Day or the Fourth of July … USA, USA! To distinguish his big body ‘Lac from your grandmother’s, Al threw 20-inch UAS Benjamine wheels with Dunlop SP Sport 9000 tires, size 255/35R20, underneath his cinnamon DeVille. The Cowboys may be America’s team, but the Packers are a close second and that patriotic influence shines through in Al’s nod to our nation’s automotive tradition.


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