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Monday, 14 July 2008 18:26

Zenetti Skate Team

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Zenetti Skate TeamKnown for creating some of the automotive industry’s most stylish wheels, Zenetti has teamed up with skate shop/streetwear boutique owner Dominic DeLuca of Brooklyn Projects in L.A. to form the wheel industry’s first official skate team.

Dominic and Zenetti have hand picked some of skateboarding’s biggest and freshest faces, such as Stevie Wiliams, Braydon Szafranski, Terry Kennedy, Paul Rodriquez and Jereme Rogers, for their trendsetting styles and superior performance on and off the verts. But, don’t think this is just a typical rim sponsorship scenario, where a company just gives them a set of wheels, only never to be heard of again. This is an official skate team, with a complete partnership and a full-blown advertising campaign hoping to merge the two worlds together.

Zenetti Skate Team

Dominic DeLuna (AKA Dom)
Brooklyn, New York

Zenetti Skate Team

2006 BMW X5
22-inch Zenetti Lucres wheels with Continental 265/35R22 tires

Dominic founded Brooklyn Projects in December of 2002 in hopes to revive the heart of skateboarding in the form of a street-wise skate-boutique. Now, Brooklyn Projects has become L.A.’s premiere skate headquarters, with a shop on Melrose Avenue and one in Echo Park, California. It was only natural that the skate boutique would eventually start its own team. “Zenetti gave me some rims one day, and the idea just came to me to start a team with them,” Dom says. “I figured that all the big names in skateboarding had nice rides and kids would want to have the same wheels as their favorite skateboarding heroes.” Dom hopes to create a skateboarding signature wheel and tire package and sell them in skate shops across the country.


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