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Thursday, 30 August 2007 20:11

Metal Mulisha

Written by Edgard Zuniga

Metal MulishaThe bad guys...

They step onto the scene and command attention. They’re the ones who break all the rules…sometimes, while laughing at you. Ironically, you have to admit that it just wouldn’t be the same without them. You might even cheer for them because deep down inside, everybody wishes they had the audacity to do any of that and get away with it!

“When we first started, we were the ‘bad guys’; we were the core dudes; we had a point to prove, and we wanted to be gnarliest dudes in action sports,” said “General” Brian Deegan of Freestyle Motocross (FMX) group Metal Mulisha. “Throughout the years, we were able to achieve that. We came in dressed in black and wearing spikes…and we always backed up everything we said.”

From the very beginning, Metal Mulisha earned a reputation that still shadows them today. Interestingly enough, however, behind it all (as is usually the case) the bad guys aren’t so bad after all. Sure, they shoot off their mouths here and then, but, they’re not so bad. In fact, they’re actually nicer and more down to Earth than you could imagine…

Metal Mulisha

It’s been two years since we last had you in DUB. What’s new?
Brian Deegan: Well, I had a son who’s a year old now, Hayden. We moved to a new house, and I’m building a new house. Metal Mulisha turned into a big corporation. Eventually, I see us as a competitor with Volcom and major brands like that that are on top of the action sports world. Metal Mulisha is growing into a real company, and we’re even working on a getting a reality show, which is far overdue for us. I think our everyday lives are very entertaining. We risk our lives every day and still try to keep enough time for our friends and family.

What about that “bad guy” image associated with Metal Mulisha?
BD: People still perceive us that way. We still have our core dudes in our group; it’s our vibe. But, a lot of us have grown up. We have kids and are married. You can’t be a core dude forever. I mellowed out a lot. Now, I have to set an example for my kids. I go to church. My whole deal is being a good dad. There are still dudes in our crew that are out of control, but I can’t be the guy that wins every event until I’m 50 years old. There comes a time when I have to run the business, come home and be a dad and have my kids look up to me. I could have been that guy who got a chick pregnant and partied and been a punk. But people don’t respect that. When I die, I want people to say, “That dude was cool.”

With the success of Metal Mulisha have things changed much with the group?
BD: I guess things have changed for us. It’s funny for us to be in DUB. We drove around in old trucks, and we were comfortable as long as we had dirt bikes, a truck to bring them to the track and a room to stay in. Now that we’ve made more money, it’s a way to show people how much we’ve achieved. Money is cool, but I try to stay humble. You can’t take this with you when you die. A lot of people don’t understand that there are two different types of respect: the type where you have a lot of money and you buy a lot of sh*t, and the one where you’re a good dad, your relationship with your wife is good and you have nice things because you’ve earned them.

How’s your relationship with the other guys in Metal Mulisha?
I’ve been married to these guys for a long time. We have our ups and downs. The only thing that could tear us apart is people outside the group. A lot of people come in and want a piece of one guy who’s doing certain things for a time. In the end, it’s about sticking together. I have something to offer that they can’t offer, and they have something to offer that the other guys don’t. I truly believe that if something happened to any of the guys, we’d all be there for him, to support him.