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Monday, 08 September 2008 23:08

Zab Judah

Written by Nida Kahn

Zab JudahBrooklyn, New York: home of Biggie and Jay, the West Indian Day Parade, Spike Lee and the world’s best cheesecake, all in one. As the sign reads once you leave Manhattan and enter the bustling borough, it’s “where the real New York begins.”

And, as our favorite female MC, Lil’ Kim, recently acclaimed in her anthem, “Welcome to Brooklyn . . . you better have a pass when you cross that bridge,” it’s a place only for the select few who have the intelligence, wherewithal and street smarts to create their own niche. A borough which by itself could stand as one of the largest cities in America, BK has been the breeding grounds for a host of creative and talented minds—including the people’s favorite boxing champ, Mr. Zab “Super” Judah.

Born Zabdiel Judah in the late ’70s, this undisputed IBF Welterweight Champion of the World earned his stars and stripes the old fashioned way: a lot of blood, sweat, and tears—literally. Diligently building his following through the years, hip-hop’s favorite fighter ushered in a new wave of support to the sport of boxing. At any given match, one can find music moguls from Puff to 50 Cent at ringside, anxiously watching every swing, hit and celebrating his victories.

Combining flavor and finesse with lighting quick hands and speedy footwork, Zab has brought to the sport of boxing a modern, exciting and fly style. Delivering another KO in February of this year to Cory Spinks, and solidifying his place as the champ in his class, Zab continues to bring more fire to his game, in and out of the ring.

Jason Taylor

Cruising the streets in his 2004 Range Rover, the gritty fighter continues to turn heads with his own 23-inch Omega Zab Judah Hyptonic Spinners. Mesmerizing to anyone who lays eyes on the captivating pinwheel rims, these beauties shine with more bling than Jacob the Jeweler’s latest shop. Giving his Range Rover the added umph it needs, the blinding dubs convey the attitude of its owner—simply put, don’t mess with me.

While the wheels are the ones that get most of the attention, without a good set of tires, you might as well just sit in the driveway. Big ballers and connoisseurs know that a good set of tires will not only last a long time, they will help keep those wheels looking good. A constant among those who know is the Pirelli Scorpion Zero. Providing the necessary support for the Hyptonic Spinners, Zab’s Range comes with a set of Scorpion Zero’s, size 305/35R23.

Jason Taylor


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