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Wednesday, 10 September 2008 23:38

Edgerrin James

Written by Edgard Zuniga

Edgerring JamesRemember way back in the day when a young Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers were nipping at the heels of the NFL? You just knew that the Niners were on the brink of something big.

For years now, NFL experts and fans have been watching the Indianapolis Colts completely tear through their opponents in the regular season, predicting Super Bowl glory, only to watch them lose in glorious fashion in the playoffs.

Oh, has that team matured. The improved defense is definitely worth mentioning. While defense alone doesn’t win Super Bowls, when you add that defense to the Colts’ deadly offense, suddenly things are looking really good for Indianapolis.

They can beat you in the air with quarterback Peyton Manning and wide receiver Marvin Harrison, or on the ground with the unstoppable force, running back Edgerrin James.

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DUB caught up with “Edge” over the phone during a busy NFL schedule, and he spoke to us while signing autographs for passersby. Despite his fame as one of the pillars of the Colts’ offense, Edge remains humble, calmly dealing with all the attention that comes with being a successful NFL player.

“With me, I keep everything equal,” he said. “It’s just the type of person that I am. I live a simple life. I like to treat people good, and they, in turn, treat you well. I don’t like that phony bullsh*t. I really hang around a lot of people that have the same mindset and who knew me from the beginning, because they keep you humble. They really know you, instead of the people that think they know you.”

Certainly, family played a big role, and Edge didn’t hesitate to mention them either. “Everybody worked hard. We enjoyed life. My mom is a happy person who enjoys life. We don’t try to be bigger than anybody.”

Born and raised in Immokalee, FL, Edge was a standout player for Immokalee High School, playing running back, linebacker, and even kickoff and field goal kicker.


“That was just my way to stay on the field,” Edge laughed. “My main thing was running the ball.” Like many running backs his age, Edge grew up during the era of the late, great running back “Sweetness” Walter Payton, who was as solid as they come. “I always liked Walter Payton... I never got to meet him, but I respected his game. It was from him that I learned that when you take a hit, you bounce back up.”

As popular as the Chicago Bears were in the ’80s, in South Florida there is something greater. “I was a University of Miami fan,” Edge said. “When you’re young and in Southern Florida, you cheer for Hurricanes football. It was the sh*t. The pros can’t touch U of M.”

Around the age of 13, Edge got behind the wheel for the first time, driving his friend’s car. “Some lil’ Toyota,” he said. “I took it around. I was big for my age and I could get away with it. Mostly, I would drive around the block.”

When he was 14, he got a ’75 Chevrolet Impala, which he never parted with. “I liked that car so much, I couldn’t let it go. Well, you know the Caprice was like an Impala except the front was different. That’s the original front from the Impala; I had it put on [the] Caprice.”

Action Tire

Edge’s hybrid looks like it’s ready to set the streets on fire, with its huge chrome Kaizer Deuce wheels and that fiery paint job. However, where Edge went to get his ride fixed up remains undisclosed. “I got my cars done in different spots in South Florida,” he said. “I keep the places secret, on the low, so nobody can bite my style.”

Edge’s other ride is a sinister-looking 2005 Dodge Magnum. It rides on color-matched Asanti AF120 wheels wrapped in high-performance Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires, size 265/35R22. With a dark tint on his windows, Edge can prowl around Indy with power and style.

“The Magnum is low-key G,” he said. “I have the tint super dark. I like to get in that and lay low. I got a supercharger plus the Hemi; it does its job. I don’t have to worry about anyone getting me from behind unless I want them to.”

The fact that Edge plays in Indianapolis does not go unmentioned. After all, Indy’s racing heritage goes back a long way.