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Saturday, 17 January 2009 01:26

LeBron James

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When you finally do decide to leave the game, what do you think you’ll do?
I think that I will get in my Ferrari and ride off into the sunset!

You recently lost a game of H-O-R-S-E to a fan that won an online contest sponsored by Cub Cadet. You didn’t exactly look too happy. Were you having an off day?
Yeah, he caught me on an off day for my H-O-R-S-E game.

LeBron James

The documentary “More Than a Game” chronicles your rise to stardom, and how you and your friends overcame long odds to win a national championship in high school recently debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. Why did you agree to do such a project and did you intend it to be similar to the 1994 “Hoop Dreams?”
This project was something that I felt strongly about because it gave the world a look into what really made us win the National Championship, which was so important to us. You also get to see our off the court obstacles. I feel that this project is so different from anything done before.

Now that you’ve been on the silver screen, are there any intentions to a transition over to movies in the future?
Right now, I am going to continue to focus on basketball, but it’s very possible.

You are currently building yourself and your family a 35,000-square-foot mansion that is said to be “a playground for adults.” What made you want to build such a luxurious home and what amenities will the house include?
Well, just like any kid, I had a dream of what I wanted my dream home to look like, and I brought my dream to life with my new home. My house has everything from swimming pools to two-story closets.

LeBron James

It’s also said that the mansion will have a six-car garage. What rides will be housed in there?
Well, I own a few cars and trucks, so I have to take a look at what I drive the most, but I will have to make sure I leave a spot in the garage for my Cannondale bike.

Do you plan on getting any new car purchases in the future?
I really like the Audi vehicles right now, so I’m thinking about getting one.

Tell me about your Ferrari. What made you want to buy it, and what did you have Will and Unique do to it?
The Ferrari is a car that I have liked for some time now, and I had decided that I needed to add it to my stable of cars. In my Ferrari, I have custom wheels, a state-of-the-art stereo system and my logo as well.

How did your relationship with Will come about? How long have you worked with Unique?
Well, a good friend of ours brought us together (Jermaine O’Neal). Will is a cool dude, and I have been working with him for a few years.

If you could only have one car in the world, old or new, what would it be and why?
Wow, that’s a tough question. Umm…probably a Maybach 62S because it has everything you need—lots of room and it rides great.

Do you prefer to drive, or do you like to be driven around?
I definitely prefer to drive and enjoy my vehicles.

Photos: Nat Newsome

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