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Thursday, 02 February 2012 00:00

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

Written by Kristie Bertucci | Photos By Brian McGee
Shooting the sh*t is always fun with Quinton Jackson. He’s a funny ass guy and always jokes around with us when we stop by—making him one of our fave celebs to visit. Getting ready for his upcoming bout against Matt Hamill for UFC 130, the light heavyweight fighter provided us with a glimpse into what it’s like leading up to the Octagon and the split personality he shares with “Rampage,” which we came pretty close to encountering. Oh, and we checked out his collection of rides, too!

When you’re walking to the Octagon what goes through your head?
I don’t know what goes through my head when I’m walking out ’cause I’m not the person who walks out right now. That’s “Rampage” right before I fight. Like about 5 or 10 minutes before the fight is when “Rampage” takes over. He got his own set of rules. Me, I like to joke around. But I noticed as soon as the fight is done, “Rampage” is gone and Quinton comes out again. “Rampage” loves to fight, but Quinton hates it. Quinton needs to do all the training. All “Rampage” does is show up for the fight. Quinton can’t believe he’s a fighter, but “Rampage” loves to fight. There are no rules with “Rampage.” He can be a nasty person, and he’s like one of the most lethal people on this planet.

“Rampage” is the one in the Octagon. Maybe you can piss me off and “Rampage” will come out, and you can ask him all these questions. And maybe he’ll answer them for you, or he might just whoop your ass!

What if you hurt someone inside the Octagon?
“Rampage” is the one in the Octagon. Maybe you can piss me off and “Rampage” will come out, and you can ask him all these questions. And maybe he’ll answer them for you, or he might just whoop your ass! It’s a chance you might have to take. I don’t like hurting people; I didn’t get into this business to hurt people…it’s just a sport. I don’t try to hurt them more than necessary. I focus on being more exciting for the crowd. I don’t go in there focused on hurting someone. I’m just there for the crowd, but if they get hurt in the process, I feel bad for them later.

What’s it like to fight someone that’s a friend?
When you’re fighting a friend, you have to know that it’s just a sport. It’s actually not that hard; I’ve fought like one or two friends before. It’s hard preparing for a friend ’cause you have to have that motivation to finish him and stuff like that. But you know, it’s a sport and you keep that in mind, so it’s not that hard to fight a friend.

Who are your closest friends in the UFC?
My teammates are my closest friends in the UFC.

Is there anybody that you’d like to fight that you haven’t fought yet?
I’m not the guy that really goes out there just looking to fight people. I just want to fight people that have beat me. Stephan Bonnar has called me out, and James Toney has been talking, so I wouldn’t mind fighting them.

What was your favorite moment in the UFC?
It’s when I fought [Wanderlei] Silva. I had fought him twice before [while in Pride], and he beat the hell out of me and knocked me out. This time, I fought him in the UFC and I just had so much power and knocked him out in the first round like it was easy. A lot of people were doubting ’cause they thought he had my number, but nothing was in my head.



If you weren’t a fighter what do you think you’d be?
Probably a male stripper ’cause I got some crazy, sick dance moves and girls love it! Just playin’. I would probably be a pro wrestler. I feel like I was put on Earth to be a fighter and to entertain people. I’m built for fighting. I’ve got this big neck for taking strong punches and trauma to the head. And my fists and legs are really big for power, while my lower back is real strong to pick up people and slam them down. I think God makes certain types of humans to do certain things, and I’m made for MMA fighting—like a gladiator.

How do you prepare mentally for a fight?
God made me a fighter. I don’t have to do some of those things them fighters do. I’m one of those clean fighters; I don’t do drugs. I need pep talks every now and then, but that’s about it ’cause sometimes when you’re fighting a certain kind of fighter, you get uninterested. It’s natural when you’ve been fighting for 10 years; it’s natural when you’ve been doing anything for a certain amount of time. I don’t need any songs, rituals…anything. I’m a fighter. I was born a fighter.

So what is a normal training day like for you?
It’s like hell for me. Everybody has their own personal hell and training would be mine.

But why do you hate it so much?
I really hate training because it’s really hard! [laughing] Seriously though, MMA training is the most intense training I’ve ever come across. I’ve played football and I’ve wrestled…but MMA training is really difficult. Training is very mental for me and after so many years it takes its toll.

How many hours a day do you train?
I train roughly around six to seven hours a day, five days a week. And on Saturdays, I train around two to three hours.

How do you develop your game plan?
I don’t think I’ve developed a game plan of my moves. I just go in there and train with coaches and do what they want to do; and the day of the fight is just instinct.

Any up and coming fighters you think are going to be big?
There’s a lot of up and coming fighters right now. I think there’s that Jon Bones, think that’s his name—something Bones. He’s going to be good. He’s already a champ now, but he’s going to be around for a long time unless he makes a fool of himself, which can be easy.

What do you do to relax from training?
I like having sex and playing video games. Having sex and playing video games at the same time…that helps out a lot.

Anything else?
I like hanging out with my kids and stuff. My kids are so fun to hang out with, especially when it comes to swimming. No training on Sunday, since it’s supposed to be a day of rest and a chance to hang out with the “chilren”—what we call kids in the South. If we’re not swimming the kids love to drive cars. My son is always trying to get me to race cars in the street, and I tell him, “It’s illegal, son. You can’t do that. It’s dangerous.” So, I do it anyway. Just kiddin’. I don’t want to encourage him, so I take him where he can race people himself like Boomers.

Speaking of your rides, what do you have for us to see?
I have my ’69 Lincoln Continental. Just got this car to do 69 in my 69…mph! It’s really nice. Got some airbags on it, and it does things I don’t know how to do because it’s always in the shop. It’s a work in progress. Got those suicide doors on there even though I don’t condone suicide, but the doors are cool. And the rims, almost all my rims got my name on there. I don’t know why I like my name on stuff; it’s weird. VIP Modular wheels make some of the best wheels around I think.

You still have that Audi R8?
I got that when it first came out when they said it was impossible to get them. Then they came out with the V10s and just wrecked my world. My youngest son actually took the car away from me when he was two years old. I gotta ask my son’s permission if I can drive the car, so I don't really get a chance to drive it that much ’cause he says “no” a lot. I don't know why? He don’t even got a license… It has some VIPs [wheels] on it as well with my name on there, too. So if anybody steals my car I can say those are my rims. I put an exhaust on there that sounds mean. I call it the “Porsche Killer” ’cause out here in Orange County everybody and their momma got Porsches.

"I have my ’69 Lincoln Continental. Just got this car to do 69 in my 69…mph!"

What’s up with your lifted Ford F-350?
Oh, my monster truck? You must be thinking, “What the hell is a Black guy doing with a monster truck?” But it’s different; it got airbags on it. Not too many monster trucks that can do what this monster truck can do. I’m still 100 percent Memphis, but I’ve been living in Orange County for 10 years, and I like the big trucks and sometimes you just want to be taller than everybody else. How many lifted trucks you know have airbags on it? I can flex with mine. Some people compete for tallness around here and mine can beat them all.

Is that the actual A-Team van from the movie you starred in?
You know I had to get this ’cause I’m a big fan of the whole A-Team and Mr. T. I wanted this van since I was a little kid. I ended up doing the movie and got the van, man. Toyo Tires and Kelderman hooked everything up and made my childhood dream come to life. Probably watched every episode of the show. My dad and I used to watch it all the time; it’s one of the best memories that stick out about my dad the most.

Anything new?
My Dodge Challenger. I went kind of over the top with it. Got my name on the rims again and it’s out there, but just my style. Did a widebody kit on the car just to get these big ass rims to fit. Black and red like my high school colors, and I just love this car. It’s so fun. The Audi R8 used to be my favorite car, but this one is becoming my favorite really fast. I love how it’s really loud and really fast to drive. It’s American muscle, you know what I’m saying,’ man? It does the sickest “donuts.” And plus, if B.A. Baracus had a muscle car, this is what it would look like, and I’m a modern day B.A. Baracus. There’s no denying that…if you do deny it, I’ll whoop your ass!

You still have the car you bought from Tito Ortiz?
It’s the first nicest car I’ve ever had and bought it from him many years ago. I’ve done a lot of work to it over the years since I had it. When I was fighting in Japan, I was making cash money and couldn’t go to the car lot and get a loan. The Expedition is actually, my “midget limo.” Back in the day, when Halo was really good, I got lazy and spent a lot of time playing it, so I wanted a car that if I had to go somewhere, wouldn’t allow me to miss too much playing time. So it has two TVs in it and a gaming station.

Which one would you call your everyday car?
That’s my Lexus LS460. It’s when I want to go “incog-negro.”


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