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Monday, 22 September 2014 00:00

Terry Kennedy: Family, Business, Skateboarding

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Skateboarding is still Terry Kennedy’s favorite thing in the world, but it’s not what rules his world anymore. Life has certainly changed since we last caught up with TK in Issue 61. He’s now a father and a husband and isn’t professionally competing in skateboarding competitions anymore. But TK will never stop skateboarding, spending his time making skate videos, street skating at his favorite skate parks and entirely focusing on his Fly Society brand.

“I’m a lot older now and have really matured and grown not only as a person, but as a businessman and entrepreneur,” the 28-year-old says. “Don’t get me wrong. I loved those days when I was young and just skated, but know I love spending time with my family and going into the office to grow my brand.”

Although he enjoyed traveling and competing for cash prizes at the various competitions, it would have been hard for him to leave his family on a regular basis. “You have to be away a lot, and I didn’t want that. With what I’m doing now, I can go skate locally, go into the office two to three days a week and spend the rest of my time with my wife and daughter. Sure I can go win some money in a contest, but I’d rather concentrate on the things that matter the most to me now. I had to sacrifice some things when I started my family and I’ve learned that I can’t do it all.”
TK’s decision to shift his focus on his business only made sense, he mentions, adding that 2014 has so far been a great year for the multi-faceted company that includes a clothing line, skate team and record label. “It’s going really well. I can’t complain about anything,” he says proudly. “It’s such a blessing that I can go on for days talking about Fly Society. I’m hyped about being able to sponsor kids and have my own skate team. Giving the new faces of skateboarding the chance I was given means so much to me.”

Excited that Fly Society is growing bigger and better with each new venture, TK has secured new distribution deals for his clothing in Europe, Japan and Canada. “Our new designs are really dope and it’s great to be able to take the company international. People have really grown to like what we’ve been putting out so we’re just trying to raise the bar with our designs.”

With the apparel line of the company expanding worldwide, the music side is doing just as well. The skateboarder-turned-rapper has been spitting rhymes since he was a teen, after his cousin first pushed him to try it out. He’s also collaborated on joints with hip-hop names like Yo Gotti, Problem, Paul Wall and TDE, to name a few. Founding his Fly Society group in 2007 with friends Fuzzy Felix and H.I.T. (Curren$y was a fellow member before he went solo), TK and his rap crew have released several mixtapes over the years and dropped the group’s Classic EP this past December on iTunes.

“We’ll be dropping a lot more music this year,” he mentions. “We’re all about making music for the masses and that includes hip-hop, R&B, pop – every style. We just signed an independent distribution deal with French Montana, so we’re looking to put out whatever type of music we want. We’re all about being multicultural and our music will reflect that. Fly Society is about everybody and all our entities reflect that.”

His new chapter in life also features some new rides – a 2014 Mercedes-Benz E350 and a 2013 Audi A8. Luxury is still his key car trait, but now he’s also looking at performance – something the A8 provides him. “I like the way it handles. It’s a luxury car, but it performs like a sports car in my opinion.” The A8 is TK’s leisure ride, while the Benz is all business. He also recently picked up a BMW 6 Series for his wife, but it’s his A8 that acts as the family weekend car.

His choice in vehicles require little to no modifications as is, but the one thing that TK likes on his rides are wheels from Zenetti. The luxury wheel company is back after a hiatus and TK is again one of their brand ambassadors. “I love their wheels,” he says. “They were really ahead of their time and now they’re back making even better wheel designs than before. People love my cars and are always asking about my wheels; even people who don’t like them (some of his skateboarder friends who aren’t “in to” wheels). I’m proud to be a part of the Zenetti team and will continue to represent them as long as I can. I really appreciate them for always having a vision and including me in that vision.”

As Fly Society continues to grow its endeavors, TK is currently looking to expand into footwear since he parted ways (amicably) with Supra. But other than that, he’s content with how things have changed for the better and is appreciating his dual life as a family man and entrepreneur. But at the core of it all, he’ll always be a skater, first and foremost.

“I think the reason why it’s all going so well is that I’m able to still immerse myself in skateboarding while being a businessman. I took what I learned from skateboarding and am applying it to Fly Society, pushing it forward each day.”


2013 Audi A8
22x10.5 Zenetti HEIR wheels
295/25R22 Continental DWS tires

2014 Mercedes-Benz E350
20x8.5 front and 20x10 rear Zenetti Belliago wheels
255/30R20 front and 275/30R20 rear Continental DWS  tires
H&R Springs

Fly Society



Continental Tire