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Thursday, 29 January 2015 00:00


Written by Kristie Bertucci Photos: Jordan Shiraki
A Lamborghini Aventador was never on Marshawn Lynch’s radar. In fact, he actually told himself that he’d never drop money on an exotic car like the Aventador, opting for vehicles that are a bit more practical. But all that changed when the Seattle Seahawks running back visited Monster’s Founder and CEO Noel Lee’s garage while on a visit to Monster’s headquarters in the Bay Area last year.

“I must have seen about a million and one Lamborghinis, thousands of Ferraris,” the Oakland, CA native exaggerates. “I told myself that I’ll never get one, but after being in there and hearing them start up, I changed my mind. Something about the engines sparked my interest.”

With the sound of pure power ringing in his ears weeks after that visit, Lynch went out to a dealership in Seattle, WA to “check out” a few Lamborghini options, just in case he decided that an exotic was in his near future. After locking eyes on a yellow 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Aventador, his mind was set…he was going home in his own Raging Bull. That was, of course, until the dealership broke his heart by telling him that there were only 50 of those special editions Bulls made and that particular one was already spoken for.

Lynch’s heart was quickly mended when he was offered another Aventador dressed in black. But his mind still wasn’t convinced on such a lavish purchase, and for a couple of months, he made the trek to the dealership numerous times to scope out the Aventador to make sure he truly wanted to commit to its purchase.

“I kept asking myself if I really wanted it, and then after a few months, I put together a plan to get it. Now it’s getting slapped by Monster,” he laughs while at the photo shoot, which doubled as the vehicle’s grand debut after Monster got their hands on it.

Before the photo shoot, the Super Bowl champion’s favorite thing about his Aventador was the sound of its growling exhaust that purred when revved, but after he heard the banging sound system built by Monster, his favorite quickly changed. As an avid fan of music, Lynch’s partnership with Monster began when a mutual friend introduced the two. A fan of Monster’s impeccable sound quality in their headphones coupled with Monster’s admiration of Lynch’s “Beast Mode” abilities on the football field made for a fruitful collaboration on “Beast Mode” headphones that Lynch was able to give out to his Seahawk teammates.

After learning about the Lamborghini Veneno Roadster laced with a high-performance audio system by Monster that debuted at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (Lamborghini personally chose Monster to hook up the super car with an audiophile-quality system), Lynch knew he wanted the same treatment for his own Aventador. “I asked them for a lot of bass because music fuels your mood or how you’re feeling,” he says. “If you’re in a good mood, you listen to your favorite songs that keep you upbeat; if you’re sad, you’ll find something that fits, too. I always identify with my music. It’s probably the first thing I put in my car before I get rims or other accessories. I need to have my music right.”

When Noel first talked about what Lynch should expect after the bodacious sound system was put in, Lynch admits that he fully didn’t comprehend just what was being described. “When we were talking about customizing the sound, he talked about customizing it exactly to my ears. He said I’d have everything I love about my bass and that it would be like having a live orchestra in front of me, where I would hear each instrument.”

The first time Lynch experienced the sound system at the photo shoot, his eyes lit up and a smile crossed his face. “When I got in the car, I was able to understand and knew what Noel was talking about.”

Monster’s philosophy when approaching car audio (as well as their headphones) has always been about providing drivers with a musical experience that makes them feel as if they’re at their favorite artist’s concert or in the studio with musicians. “We’ve been doing car audio for more than 20 years,” Noel Lee describes. “[Monster is about] hearing things you’ve never heard before from a set of speakers like Monster Pure Sound in headphones – power, dynamics, articulation – the kinds of things you hear in real music, but not in normal car speakers or headphones.” When Lynch requested that Monster put together his Aventador, Lee immediately knew he wanted to mimic what was done when building the Veneno project. “When the Lamborghini was unveiled, it took the world by storm,” Lee says. “Even the Audi and VW guys couldn’t wait to hear it. Marshawn has done extraordinary things with his teammates, winning the Super Bowl, and to honor his audio request, I knew I wanted to provide him with the ultimate system.” Monster’s team replaced the front audio stage – which consisted of a 6.5” component set – with an 8” set, while adding a custom center channel speaker with the same look and grill work as the Veneno center channel. A 10” shallow mount sub was added in the passenger footwell, along with amplifiers and a sound processor.

The two roof panels were painted gloss black to match the rest of the gloss black roof, which also boasts a pearl logo pattern from the pillar to the rear of the passenger compartment (the “ghosted” logo is present with or without the roof panels on). Illuminated side sills light up to reveal Lynch’s signature “Beast Mode” moniker when the doors open, while custom-made “Powered by Monster” logos were added on all speaker grilles. The massive calipers of the Aventador were also custom painted by the team at Findlay Customs and wears the “Beast Mode” logo.

“When it comes to the bass that Marshawn really likes, it’s about creating the frequency. Anybody can do low bass, but quality low bass is where you actually have timbre in the bass and can hear texture, definition and punch in notes. When you have the combination of great audio and a great car like a Lamborghini [Aventador], there’s no other combination like it. Unfortunately, even car guys don’t get to hear this combo while driving their exotics. You would have to literally drive Marshawn’s Lamborghini to experience it.”

Although not exactly his dream ride (that would be an ’89 Ford Mustang 5.0), Marshawn plans on making his “Beast Mode” Aventador his daily driver during the season up in Seattle. So if you’re in the area and pull up to an Aventador bursting at the seams with bass, don’t interrupt because that’s Marshawn getting his “Beast Mode” on before game time.

• Replaced front audio stage - which consisted of a 6.5” component set - w/ 8” component set
• Custom center channel speaker w/ same outer look and grille work as the Project Veneno center channel
• 10” shallow mount sub in the passenger footwell, w/ amplifiers and sound processor
• Roof panels painted gloss black matching rest of roof
• Ghosted pearl logo pattern over gloss black of roof - from pillar to rear of passenger compartment - present w/ or without roof panels on
• Custom “Beast Mode” brake calipers
• Custom “Beast Mode” illuminated side sills
• Custom “Powered by Monster” logos on all speaker grilles

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