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Wednesday, 12 September 2007 23:34

Miss Issa

Written by Nick Halili

Miss Issa“I’m a good girl with a bad attitude,” says R&B artist Miss Issa when asked to describe herself in a nutshell. Issa Bayaua’s personality embodies this obvious contradiction in a myriad of ways. Once a shy teenager who lived in the shadow of her older brother, Issa is now a singer who is known for her sultry, sensual voice as well as her exotic beauty.

She’s willing to open up aspects of her world in the lyrics of her music, but prefers not to have her personal life be overexposed on reality television. Issa sometimes loves the thrill of smoking cocky street bike riders in her custom orange Lamborghini, yet is perfectly happy enjoying an evening at home watching her favorite horror movie or TV show. The duality of Miss Issa’s nature has helped drive her to follow her dreams of being an artist and performer. Today, Issa displays this attitude by always insisting that she keep some control of her work, which is often uncommon in young, up-and-coming artists.

Miss Issa

DUB: What made you want to become a singer?
Issa: I’ve been singing since I was five. My mom was the one who got me to sing. Later on, I started singing for people at school and parks.

DUB: How’d you get your foot in the door in the music industry?
Issa: I auditioned for [multi-platinum R&B group] TLC’s “R U the Girl” [a reality show/singing competition]. Actually, I was a finalist, but I didn’t go through with it because there were things in the contract that I didn’t agree with.

Miss Issa

DUB: What were some of the things in the contract you didn’t like?
Issa: Well, they have the right to videotape you all the time; that’s not cool. I don’t like my life being displayed like that.


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