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Sunday, 16 September 2007 20:50

Rich Boy

Written by Kristie Bertucci

Rich BoyDespite what many think, Rich Boy’s hit single “Throw Some D’s” is not just about adding some fresh wheels to a Cadillac, but an anthem for accomplishing something in life. “When you buy a Cadillac in the ghetto, it’s a symbol of making it,” Rich Boy said in a heavy Southern accent. “When you move out of the ghetto and finally start making money, your first goal is to buy a new car and fix it up.

“The actual hook came from my momma. I came home with my new Cadillac and showed it to her and she said, ‘It looks pretty nice, but you need to do something to it…paint it a different color or throw some D’s on it.”

The Mobile, Alabama native knew better than to disagree with his mother and is now rising up the hip-hop charts with his self-titled debut album. “It feels great to be a hometown hero,” he described. “It comes with a big responsibility, and I just want to put my hometown on the hip-hop map.”

Usually, dreams of becoming a rapper starts at a young age, but Rich Boy didn’t know he wanted to make music until his freshman year of college at the notable Tuskegee University, where he planed on studying mechanical engineering. “I became interested in music when I started making beats in my dorm room,” Rich Boy said. “It was something I had never seen or done before, and the process of making music just amazed me.”

Rich Boy

Realizing that he wasn’t really feeling the mechanical engineering curriculum, Rich Boy emersed himself into leaning everything he could about the music business. “It was something I had to learn so bad that I went out and bought my own music sequencing machine and practiced everyday,” he said. “I played drums when I was younger for the church, so production came naturally to me.” After a year of honing in on his newfound craft, Rich Boy sold some tracks off of his beat CDs to Roy Jones Jr. and realized he could have a future in the music business. He then quit school and placed all his focus on becoming a producer.

Rapping over his beats came later, when he persevered to get his music on a local radio station by lying his way in and saying he had an appointment with a DJ to get passed the receptionist. He eventually got his music in the hands DJ Nick at Nite, better known as The Krunkmonster, who started playing his “Cold as Ice” track. From there, Atlanta-based rappers Jim Crow got their hands on a copy of Rich Boy’s CD, and group member, Polow Da Don, flew him out to Atlanta to do some tracks in the studio, and the rest is history.

Rich Boy

The 23-year-old Marece Richards needed a name and decided to go by his childhood nickname, Rich Boy. “The name comes from my last name. People would call my dad Rich for short, and then refer to me as Rich’s son,” he explained. “It has nothing to do with my finances; this is the millionth time I’ve explained my name.”

Figuring out his stage name was easy; now Rich Boy struggles with coming to terms with his new identity. “The hardest part about being my new life is getting used to seeing myself as a rapper, and figuring out who are the good people out there with my best intentions in mind,” Rich Boy confessed. To others that know him, he’s still the same person he was before his videos were airing on MTV. “I feel like the same person, but people look at me differently now; like, I’m bigger or more important now,” he said.

But being looked upon as a celebrity does have its perks for Rich Boy. “I don’t have to wait in lines for anything, and I also get a lot of free stuff,” he admitted. Despite getting free stuff, he still had to pay for his 2008 Cadillac Escalade and GMC Yukon sitting in his garage back home.

Rich Boy

On a recent trip down to DUB’s offices, Rich Boy was attracted to the 2007 DUB Edition Chevy Tahoe and the 2006 DUB Edition Dodge Ram SRT DUB edition vehicles. The Chevy Tahoe features 26-inch Dropstar DS-05 wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Zero 305/30R20 tires, suede headliner, black ostrich-accented door panels, dashboard and steering wheel; plus stingray on the steering wheel and seats. The audio boasts five Alpine Mono Power PDX-1.600 amplifiers, four Alpine Type R subwoofers, four Alpine headrest screens and an Alpine headunit.

Even though it might look like Rich Boy accomplished his goal by buying his coveted Cadillac Escalade, he still has other goals he wants to accomplish. “I plan on doing something with clothes in the future, do some acting, invest in real estate and maybe work on owning a franchise of clubs,” he said. “Who knows what the future holds for me.”

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Photos: Elle G.

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