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Thursday, 28 June 2007 22:43

DJ Clue

Written by Tamara Warren

When it comes to his car game, he’s stepped off the collection hobby and goes more for what’s comfortable. His daily driver is a fully loaded super-charged Range Rover that whisks him through Manhattan streets.

“On the regular, the Range Rover is my favorite car to drive,” he explains. “It’s comfortable; I have Direct TV in there.” Direct TV means he never has to forgo a New York Knicks game. “I watch ‘SportsCenter’ all day. I watch that while I’m on my rounds. Once in a while, ESPN and the news, but always the New York Knicks. I like basketball a lot.” Clue keeps close tabs on pals that play in the NBA, and he toys with the notion of one day owning a sports team. He stammers excitedly when he broaches his favorite topics.

Like sports, cars were always a hobby that piqued his interest. It’s been that way since he was a kid, even growing up in New York, a city that wasn’t built for exotics.

dj_clue7_b.jpg “I knew how to drive when I was 10,” he says. “It was a quick way to get around.” He taught himself how to drive in his mom’s car. “I used to steal the cars from her,” he remembers, his serious expression pulling a slight smile. “My dream car was a Ferrari.” His Ferrari 360 Modena shows that he made good on that dream. Also in the garage are a Dodge Magnum, Mercedes-Benz CL 600 and what he calls the old-school Mugsy Capone car.

“I’m kind of over it. A car is a car. When I was younger I used to get excited about it,” he says, calm and collected. When he does make a move on the car it’s the best of the best. “A car is like a certain swagger. You have it for a couple years; you get rid of it and get a new one.”

Clue is making moves in the streets, navigating his way through tight traffic. For his rides he makes his own mixes. “I listen to the radio sometimes. I listen to mixtapes. Usually I make my mixtapes specifically with music I like.”

dj_clue6_4.jpg He’s climbed back in the Maybach, taking a moment to recline back on the lush seats that swallow up even a large man.

“I’m not going to front,” he says “I like expensive cars, real upscale classic interiors.” As dusk sets in and the evening hour approaches, Clue is off to hit to the station. It’s time to preside over New York City. {yoogallery src=[/images/stories/DJ_Clue/] thumb=[rounded]}


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