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Thursday, 18 September 2014 00:00

Rick Ross: New Car King

Written by Kristie Bertucci

Rick Ross is used to a jet-setter’s lifestyle. Flying from city to city for concerts, appearances and more is just another day in the life of the Boss. Only a couple of days after his headlining performance at the Monster Energy DUB Show in Los Angeles - where he closed the show with classics from previous albums, as well as new joints from his latest smash album, Mastermind - Ross was right back in his hometown of Miami, ready to shoot with some of his latest rides.

“It’s always nice coming out to the West for a DUB Show,” he says.

“Car culture on the West Coast is always on top of its game. Got to talk whips with the homie Game. For a car enthusiast like me, the show is always exciting.”

Rick Ross

As a DUB Show favorite, a Rick Ross performance never disappoints and neither does his car collection. Known for his eclectic stable of custom classics to the most current of luxury cars, Ross’ 40-car garage is what automotive dreams are made of.

Currently, Ross is rolling boss status in Rolls-Royce’s latest iteration, a 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith. Like his other Spirit of Ecstasy-adorning rides, the Wraith exudes luxury through every detail, from inside and out. As the most technologically advanced vehicle in the world, the Wraith boasts a Satellite Aided Transmission that uses GPS data and then its navigation system predicts the road ahead and the speed you should be driving. Able to achieve a 0-60 mph time in 4.4 seconds, the $400,000 Wraith is the automaker’s most potent model in history thanks to its 6.6-liter, twin-turbo V12 engine. Its in-car voice valet acts like a computer chauffeur, assisting Ross when he’s cruising the streets of the MIA.

Rick Ross

“The Wraith represents a boss and I’m the Boss Man,” he notes. “Being an avid Rolls-Royce collector, I felt it was necessary to add it to my collection. It’s one of my favorites right now. I really like how it has a lot of power, but it’s not heavy - you can really feel it when you’re driving. I try to get in a couple of driving sessions in it whenever I get the chance.”

He even made a video blog about his latest purchase back in December, where he introduced fans to his new toy. And because no boss should have to settle for the ordinary, Ross enlisted the help of Miami-based designer and automotive artist Rich B. Caliente to set his Wraith apart from the rest.

Rick Ross

As one of the first rappers to purchase a Wraith (and one of the first five customers in the country), Ross made sure it kept its sleek, sophisticated style and opted to accent it with an exclusive set of 24” front and 26” rear Forgiato Rich B. Caliente Edition wheels, which is worth $15,000 a set and are limited to only 10 sets worldwide.

“I told Rich that I wanted it to be personal and custom - one of one. But at the same time keep it simple and clean. I didn’t want to mess up it’s already luxurious style.”

While Ross’ Wraith is his current favorite, his 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia has been his go-to choice for when he craves more speed. Sitting on a set of 21” front and 22” rear Forgiato Maglia wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Nero tires, the 458 Italia hauls ass thanks to a horsepower upgrade that boosts power up to an astounding 665 horses, mentions Rich B. Caliente.

“It’s the ride I get in when I want to listen to new music,” he says. “I’ll go cut a few corners and hit up the beach. Chicks love this car. The smile they give me when they see me in it is great. But it’s the legacy of the car that I like most - it’s one of the best sports cars out there.”

Rich B. Caliente is no stranger to Ross’ preference when it comes to his fleet, having already customized five of his vehicles, including his 2008 BMW 745 that was featured back in Issue 64. Next, he’ll get his hands on Ross’ Rolls-Royce Ghost and plans to dress it similar to the Wraith.

“We always come up with what the essence of each car should be and build upon that,” he says. “I look at customizing as an artform, with the cars as rolling masterpieces on the road.” He also mentions that although Ross’s Wraith and Ferrari aren’t overly customized, he doesn’t mind immersing himself in full customizations and restorations as evident in his classic 1973 Chevy Caprice, which was entirely rebuilt and customized to his specifications. “I dropped about a half million in that car,” Ross mentions. “It’s the No. 1 Caprice out there. I made sure everything was redone, every bolt and wire even.” Well worth the wait to get everything perfected, Ross left everything up to his friends at GSE Customs. With a Corvette red exterior and Porsche red interior, Ross’ Cherry Bomb is truly a boss ride.

Ross’ car collection is definitely a sign of his success in many people’s eyes. However, Ross defines success by the number of people he blesses, especially when it comes to his MMG family. “When I got a Wraith, DJ Khaled got one, too. When I got a Ferrari, Gucci Pucci got a Ferrari. I believe in my team and want them to have all the success I have. I believe in my family so much that if it was just me, I’d rather not have all the rides. My family is my team and we always ride together.”