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Tuesday, 18 November 2014 00:00

YG: Rollin on Forgis

Written by Kristie Bertucci Photos: Brian McGee
As seen on: DUB Magazine: Issue 91
YG’s eye-catching red 2012 Porsche Panamera is as famous as he is. He forever immortalized his Panamera in his song “Who Do You Love ft. Drake,” with the lyrics: “Porsche sittin’ on Forgi’s/N*ggas can’t afford these/The Panamera sh*ttin’ on the 9-11.” It even makes a cameo in the song’s music video, with YG behind the driver’s seat taking his Panamera for a spin.

Currently the rapper’s “it” vehicle, the Panamera immediately became a fixation for YG (born Kennon Daequan Ray Jackson) when he first laid eyes on the vehicle during one of his visits to Miami, Fl. “I was in South Beach a couple of years back and was seeing all types of sh*t driving by – two-tone Phantoms, Bentleys, Lambos and cars I’d never seen - and was like, ‘What the f*ck?’ when I saw a Panamera hit the corner,” the 24-year-old, Compton-raised rapper explained. “My friend told me that it was the new Porsche and I was like, ‘I gotta get that. So when I was in the [right] situation to get one, I got it.”

Already a stunner, the Porsche Panamera doesn’t need much when it comes to modifications. YG opted to keep it clean and simple, but made sure to make it stand out with a traffic-stopping red wrap and some 24” Forgiato wheels on his video vixen of a ride. “I always gotta ride on 24s. If it ain’t on some 24s then it ain’t my sh*t,” he describes about his preference in wheels. “But when I first bought it out in L.A., nobody’s car was f*cking with mine. My sh*t was out so hard that when people saw it, they went back to try to get theirs the same way to do something to look better than my sh*t. But I had the best looking car in L.A. at the end of last year. I don’t know about that now.”

However, YG doesn’t mind if other Panameras are flossing harder than his since he’s actually looking to take attention away from his red Panamera. “Because I put the car in my video, people know when they see it that it’s me out on the freeway or streets. Everybody be rolling down the windows and sh*t. I’m thinking of taking the [red] wrap off.”

Before his attention-grabbing Panamera, YG was rolling around the City of Angels in a BMW 745Li – his first big car purchase when he started cashing in on his music. “That BMW was like, in the hood, the car with the money,” he describes. “At the time, I was coming up and had to style my sh*t with a car that would stick out. I started with some dope sh*t, then traded it in to get the Panamera.” However, YG won’t be trading up to a new ride any time soon, since he’s always out touring and away from home to enjoy any new vehicles. “I'm just getting money right now,” he answers, entirely focused on his musical endeavors, which evolved over time.

Despite his 2009 hit single “Toot It and Boot It,” YG waited five years to release his debut album, My Krazy Life. “It wasn’t time for me to drop anything,” he confessed. “My situation wasn’t right. It was hard to hear my name with that song. It wasn’t a good song that represented me and all that.” After grinding for a few years and putting in work doing regional tours, releasing mixtapes and perfecting his craft, 2014 felt “right” for him to put something out and now he’s currently one of hip-hop’s rising talents.

DUB already knew he’d make a statement for West Coast hip-hop. He’s been featured on numerous DUB Show Tour stops in the past, with his most recent surprise performance at the 2014 Anaheim DUB Show. “The DUB Shows played a big part in my career, as far as what I was doing to make it big at that time. It provided me with a huge promotion since it’s one of the biggest events in L.A. for hip-hop, rap and the car scene. Those shows are always sold out and performing there played a big part in my grind up.”

As the rising star looks to make 2014 the “year of YG,” representing for the West Coast with his lyrical prowess and bouncy beats (courtesy of friend and collaborator DJ Mustard who co-founded the Pu$haz Ink imprint with YG back in 2010), YG doesn’t want to look too much into the future regarding his car collection. Although he admires the whips that sit pretty in Yo Gotti’s and Meek Mill’s garages, all he wants to add is his dream ride – a Bentley Mulsanne. “It’s some classic sh*t with its big body and old school grille. But my sh*t needs to be successful because I won’t get none of that if it ain’t.”

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