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Tuesday, 07 October 2014 00:00

DJ Mustard: Beats For The Streets

Written by Kristie Bertucci Photos: Michael Vincent
Whether you’re in a club on a Friday night or cruising in your ride, you’re bound to hear a DJ Mustard joint. Currently, as hip-hop’s reigning producer, his beats are everywhere boasting his up-tempo, hyper-minimalistic club joints that every artist wants tagged to their name. Since 2001, DJ Mustard (born Dijon McFarlane) has had 17 Billboard Top 100 jams, including his first big hit, Tyga’s infectious “Rack City.” Other popular joints that made the list are 2 Chainz’ “I’m Different,” Ty Dollar $ign’s “Paranoid,” and Kid Ink’s “Show Me.”

Before he was topping musical charts, Mustard was DJ’ing house parties after getting his first gig at a family party when he was just 11 years old. After honing in on his turntablist skills and building a name for himself around local clubs in LA, Mustard decided it was time to start messing around with beats. “It was a natural progression for me. I never studied it or nothing and just perfected it on my own because I wanted to be the best at making beats.”

And perfecting it he has, now getting paid massive amounts for his beats. There’s no doubt that DJ Mustard is riding high, with 2014 his breakout year for the notable producer. And like any other rising star in his shoes, Mustard made sure to stock up his garage on some necessities, including a Mercedes-Benz AMGand an Audi A7. “I really became interested in cars when I was able to buy them,” the 24-year-old beat-maker laughs. “I’ve liked nice cars for a long time but couldn’t really afford them until I started making money. And when I got enough cash to buy cars, I bought a few that I thought fit my style.”

Although Mustard is more than capable of spending mad cash on some very lavish rides, the modest producer isn’t about all that right now. Instead, the West Coast native is entirely focused on “stacking [his] bread.” “I haven’t added much yet to my garage,” he says. “I’m focused on my career right now and making sure my money is right before I go off and spend cash.”

It’s a wise mentality for the up-and-coming producer who’s looking to cement his name in hip-hop for the long haul, noting how he wants to be the best at his craft. “I just want to be better than everybody in the world. Be better than anybody who ever did this.” And to be the best, Mustard knows he can’t live for today’s glory, even though he’s the hottest producer in music.

“That’s for right now,” he admits. “I won’t stay like this forever. I always have to be on top of my hustle. I can’t stop and think about that stuff because it’s just for right now. That’s cool and all, but it’s not forever, which is why I’m always looking toward to the future.”

And that future isn’t just about making beats for others, but also solidifying himself as an artist in his own right with the release of his debut album, 10 Summers, out this month. While he may not spit his own lyrics, fans will be treated with Mustard party staples and vocal contributions by many of their favorite artists like Ty Dollar $ign, 2 Chainz and his Pushaz Ink crew, including his good friend YG. Earlier this year, YG dropped his debut album, My Krazy Life, which he produced the majority of. The two have been doing big things in music since they first befriended each other, with Mustard now YG’s official DJ and co-founder of their Pushaz Ink imprint. “We met through a mutual friend and when we did, we just connected. We were just really cool from then on and have been making music together ever since.” Now the two are coming up together, representing for West Coast hip-hop, with both focused on their careers before they go out and spend big bucks on growing their garages. But just because Mustard is investing his cash in his career doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his eyes on some new rides, mentioning how much he’d like to have a Rolls-Royce Wraith or Ferrari in the near future. “I really like luxury rides,” he comments as he scoped out all the luxurious amenities the Wraith has to offer. “The Wraith’s design is what really catches my eye. Its shape is nice and it has lots of smooth lines. I also really like the moon roof it has.”

While the Wraith might be his first choice, Mustard can’t help but admire the Ferrari F430 for its sexiness and sportiness. “I don’t mind fast cars and would definitely get one when the time comes.” And if all goes well with the DJ Mustard empire, he’s looking to get his number one dream ride – a Bugatti – and maybe even have a garage like that of fellow hip-hop artist Yo Gotti, which he greatly admires.

Until then, Mustard is more than fine with his two rides, adding that he’s too busy traveling and working to really enjoy them to the fullest. “I’m just working really hard trying to close out 2014 with a bang as I make more beats and releasing my album,” he says. “Next up is maybe winning a Grammy.” Then after that, a Wraith just might be on his To Do list…

DJ Mustard
Special Thanks To:
Make-up by Tal B
Assistant Make-up Salina Maree Barron
Stylist: Kate Devcich
Hair: Global Cuts
Producer: Baby Vasquez
Booked by MVA Production​
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