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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 00:00

Kid Ink: Full Speed

Written by Kristie Bertucci Photos: Michael Vincent
Kid Ink is living life in Full Speed, which just also happens to be the name of his third album (the second on a major label). The self-proclaimed speed junkie likes to live in the fast lane and his latest rides reflect his inner speed demon. The rapper recently added a 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray and 2015 Lamborghini Huracan to his garage. And although both are impressive two-seaters anyone would want to have in their garage, it’s the Stingray that makes him want to push the pedal to the metal.

As his dream car growing up, Kid Ink always pictured himself behind the wheel of a Corvette and was finally able to make that dream come true recently. “I fell in love with the ’67 Stingray because it looked like the Batmobile to me,” the 28-year-old rapper declares. “The Corvette name is pure American muscle and it’s a car I’ve always wanted; it really makes a statement. I like being out of the box and that’s exactly what this car does for me.”

The Lamborghini Huracan is also an incredible beast of a machine in Kid Ink’s eyes and mentions that he likes to take it out when he wants to be more flashy, while the Corvette is all about raw speed. “I prefer the Corvette more when I want to go fast. The Huracan is more flashy and a status symbol that is just as fast, but I tend to be more careful driving it.”

Because the two are already automotive beauties straight from the factory, Kid Ink didn’t want to overdo it with modifications and entrusted his two rides to Roadstarr Motorsports to work some subtle magic. And since no new ride should be without some custom wheels, the 2015 Huracan’s wheels were powder coated gloss black, while the Stingray also received a gloss black set of 22” Forgiato Undice-C wheels outfitted in 245/35R22 front and 295/25R22 rear Nitto tires. They also added a red accent on the wheel cap, painted the inner barrel red and dressed the hood with a red and black stripe to contrast from the white paint.

But Kid Ink doesn’t mind getting additional mods on his Corvette later on. “I look at cars the way I look at shoes - sometimes you overwear them and you need to change it up with new editions, I’ll probably change up the paint later. I’ve always wanted my own Batmobile so look out for more Batman-related theme in the future.”

Aside from Corvette and Huracan, his garage houses the new 2015 Cadillac Escalade and a 1972 Chevy Nova which he has owned since high school and is currently being restored to its original glory. “It’s crazy to still have that car now,” the L.A.-born and raised lyricist says. “I'm almost 10 years deep with the car. I’ve had others since then, but I’ve never wanted to sell it even though people are always hitting me up to buy it.”

Another reason why he won’t sell his Nova is because it reminds him of where’s he’s been and how far he’s come. Like many others, he became interested in music in high school and would have fun with his friends freestyling, busting rhymes in rap battles and making mixtapes. While his crew all concentrated on rapping, Kid Ink figured someone needed to make the beats and got his start as a producer. It wasn’t until he was producing for well known artists like Nipsey Hussle that he knew he wanted to extend his talents. “I realized after joining others on their mixtapes and producing them that when it was open verse time and no one else was ready, I always had something to throw in and just went with it. Then after getting praise from other people and the fans, I felt it was the inspiration I needed to continue with it.” And the rest is history with Kid Ink who is now situated as one of hip-hop’s rising stars. While his previous album My Own Lane was all about him trying to find his own path in the industry, this new album shows his growth and confidence as an artist. “Full Speed is all about the lane I’m taking over,” he reveals. “You can hear how confident I am on this new album and I'm not really thinking about the pressure of the first one and who Kid Ink is. It was more about having fun, and I definitely had a lot with this album for sure, especially when putting features together.”

The album is filled with hot collaborations from the likes of Chris Brown, Usher, Tinashe, R. Kelly and DJ Mustard, making for cruise-worthy tracks and club bangers galore. According to Kid Ink, he really took his skills to new heights for the this album, getting more lyrical and grittier on tracks that people will vibe to in any occasion.

Even though Full Speed just came out, Kid Ink is already thinking about his next album and always has his imprint, The Alumni Music Group, at the back of his mind. It’s something he has to do if he ever wants to achieve his goal of becoming a household name. “I want to have Kanye West’s status – someone who doesn’t have to worry about staying relevant because they’re already a brand that people know about no matter what. I want to get to a point where Kid Ink is a household name and right now I have to lay the groundwork for that, so I have to keep on grinding.” And if he continues grinding at Full Speed, we’ll be sure that Kid Ink will be a brand that people know about no matter what!


2014 Lamborghini Huracan
22” Forgiato Undice-C wheels
245/35R22 front and 295/25R22 Nitto Tires


Roadstarr Motorsports


Kid Ink
Twitter: @kidink
IG: @kidinkbatgang IG

Michael Vincent Academy