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Friday, 20 May 2005 00:47

Vida Guerra: 2005

Written by Tamara Warren

vida guerraHidden under mounds of cascading chestnut locks, the faint telltale scar on Guerra’s forehead is a reminder of how precious living beauty really is. It was senior hooky day at her New Jersey high school. Being just a little bad turned into a catastrophe when a truck careened into the passenger side of her friend’s car, where 17 year-old Vida was seated.

“I had temporary amnesia,” she recalls, her voice uncharacteristically somber. “It was a gasoline truck.” She came out of the ordeal with 30 stitches in her forehead.

Nevertheless, Vida recovered with the tiny scar and a $100,000 settlement to show for it, affording her first pure satin white BMW 3 series. “Then I was bored with it,” Guerra says letting out a natural giggle, lilting with cadence of a native Spanish speaker. “Then I wanted a convertible. Always white, that’s my color.”

An accomplished model, blossoming actress, budding singer and notorious sexpot, Guerra, born in Havana, Cuba, is adamant about counting her blessings. Her family left Cuba, immigrating to the United States via Costa Rica, when she was five. “I went back to Cuba a few years ago. It’s beautiful, but it was kind of like a shock,” Guerra explains. “When I got back I took a shower and you don’t know how much I appreciated that shower. We take for granted what we’ve got until it’s taken away for you. It’s a third world country; there’s no water pressure. In Cuba, it’s like old cars and it’s so hard to get gas. If I was in Cuba I would be married with three kids.”

vida guerra

For Guerra fans, it’s likely that the thought of Guerra in the shower, conjures up images of the “Flash Dance” spilling-water sequence that she recently recreated for one photo shoot. However, Guerra is fine with this sort of attention. For the record, she’s decidedly single.

“I never let a guy make me miserable. My parents didn’t come to this country for that to happen.”

vida guerra

Even on the phone, she’s seductively sweet with a hint of naughtiness in her purr. It’s just the right spice of demure and coquettish flirtation that has the average man doing back flips over her revealing portraits, erotic cameos and feature film roles.

It’s all been quite a whirlwind for Guerra since FHM Magazine plastered her face and curvaceous physique across the December 2002 cover, propelling her into the minds of men in glossy, full-bodied, suggestive poses and sexy lingerie. She was declared FHM cover model of the year in 2003, thrusting Guerra into the position as the most smoldering sensation on the block. Nelly and P. Diddy featured her in the “Shake Your Tailfeather” video, leading to a nomination for Vibe Magazine Awards’s Sexiest Video Vixen. She’s turned up on the “Dave Chappelle Show” and “Fake Preacher,” an independent film directed by Juney Smith. Her latest project is a role in the upcoming “National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2: A Semester at Sea.”

vida guerra