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Friday, 20 July 2007 00:26

Daisuke Kuwayama of Garson/D.A.D.

Written by Scott Kanemura

Now living off the fruits of his labors, Kuwayama sits on top of a multi-million dollar company, still has his retail tire shop and lives in a multi-million-dollar eight-bedroom home with a stable of 60 demo cars to choose from. Kuwayama has achieved what many Americans would consider “baller” status.

Daisuke Kuwayama of Garson/D.A.D.

DUB: How long have you been in business?
Kuwayama: I opened Tire House Cactus in 1995, then opened Cactus Corporation Garson Division in 1997 and D.A.D. in 2001. So, I guess around 12 years now.

DUB: What’s up with the crystals on the Mercedes-Benz SL?
Kuwayama: Garson / D.A.D. wanted to do something to a Benz that no one has ever done before. Plus, we wanted to leave an unforgettable imprint in people’s minds when they see our car, and to promote our line of crystal car parts.

Daisuke Kuwayama of Garson/D.A.D.

DUB: Could you explain the concept behind Garson / D.A.D.?
Kuwayama: At Garson / D.A.D. we try to make cruising in what we consider “asphalt jungles” a magical time with your significant other. When lovers get into a D.A.D. car, we try to make them feel like they’re movie stars, and if you haven’t noticed, our brand is geared to both men and women.