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Tuesday, 13 March 2007 20:32

Jonas Bevacqua of L-R-G

Written by Christine Su

Jonas Bevacqua of L-R-GThese days, Jonas Bevacqua, co-founder of the fashion lifestyle brand L-R-G (Lifted Research Group), finds himself driving vehicles with price tags you normally find on houses. So how did the kid from Orange County, California (the real O.C.) go from valeting cars to lining them up?

Along with his partner, Robert Wright, Bevacqua started L-R-G in 1999 against the backdrop of sandy beaches at the epicenter of the surf/skate culture. Orange County natives, both designers combined similar desires to construct clothes that would appeal to the common masses while being able to provoke people to think about what they were wearing.

Eight years later, the L-R-G tree logo has become widespread—you can spot it almost anywhere you go—it’s instantly recognizable. Everyone, from skateboarders to hip-hop stars, ballers, celebrities and that kid next to them, is dressed and dripping with those trees. With categories that include everything from men’s and women’s apparel, champagne holders, snowboards, tents, a custom Sidekick 3 and custom vehicle—you can only fathom what’s going to emerge next from the L-R-G syndicate.

DUB had a minute to pry Bevacqua away from his chip stacking to unearth more about the fashion phenomenon that’s not only transformed the way you dress…but is aimed to essentially redefine how you drive…

Jonas Bevacqua of L-R-G

What inspired you to build a clothing line?
Robert and I wanted to start a clothing company, and, besides the obvious reasons of making stuff that we wanted to wear, we desired to make people think about what they were wearing or make people think, period! We wanted to get a reaction and draw an emotion (pun intended) out of people. We wanted to change the way people thought or looked at clothing in general.

Were you always creative growing up? What were some of your major influences?
I was always into drawing or packaging and the appearance of things. My early influences when I was growing up were cartoons. I used to try and draw my Transformers and, growing up in an uncommonly multi-cultural family of 10, where I was one of seven adopted kids from different ethnic backgrounds, I always looked up to my older brother, who not only put me up on style but also a lot of different music—from De La Soul to Berlin. Honestly, if I named all of my influences, this interview would never end.