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Saturday, 16 June 2007 01:34

Method Man

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Admit it. When the first few beats of Tical (Def Jam, 1994) hit your eardrums, you knew you were listening to something special…no, outstanding. Wu-Tang Clan’s untouchable debut, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (Loud/RCA, 1993), set the bar high for anything that might originate from the Wu camp...
Friday, 15 June 2007 22:31

Ghostface Killah

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One of the strengths of the Wu-Tang Clan is the individual talents of each member of the collective, of which Ghostface Killah (aka Tony Starks and Ironman) has been deemed by many as the most consistent, with such hits as Ironman (Razor Sharp/Epic, 1996), Supreme Clientele (Razor Sharp/Epic, 2000), The Pretty Toney Album (Def Jam, 2004), and more recently, Fishscale (Def Jam, 2006) and More Fish (Def Jam, 2006).
Friday, 15 June 2007 17:41


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Amerie sparked a worldwide love affair when she asked, “Why Don’t We Fall in Love?” in 2002, and she has kept it flowing through the years. This spring, she released her third album, Because I Love It (Sony Urban/Columbia, 2007), which promised to bring more banging grooves like her notorious body-moving “1 Thing,” from her sophomore album Touch (Sony Urban/Columbia, 2005).
Thursday, 07 June 2007 08:00

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

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In November of 1993, while mainstream hip-hop was in its infancy and the genre was still defining itself, a young group from Cleveland, Ohio dreamed of hitting the big time. Like countless aspiring rappers, these ambitious Clevelanders idolized the hard-edged beats of Eazy-E and N.W.A. But because they were separated by almost 2,400 miles of country, the suburbs of Compton (arguably the cultural epicenter of gangsta rap) seemed like the other side of the world, a promised land of booze, women and weed, where the best and the brightest gathered to create the musical climate from scratch.
Monday, 14 May 2007 22:00

Danity Kane

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Is there life after a reality TV shows you ask? There sure is… just ask the five show-stopping hotties from Danity Kane who proved to non-believers that they are more than just your average novelty act and are in this business for the long-term.
Monday, 14 May 2007 18:48

Travis Barker

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Travis Barker is more than simply a collector of Cadillac steel. Surrounded by a museum’s-worth of vintage Cadis (and a Buick!), you can almost call him a curator. Barker’s love for Cadillac even extends to paying homage to the automotive brand with a tattoo proudly etched on his chest.
Sunday, 29 April 2007 20:10

Bow Wow

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Since the age of 14, Bow Wow (born Shad Gregory Moss) has been no stranger to success, playing lead roles in “Like Mike” (Fox, 2002), “Johnson Family Vacation” (Fox, 2004) and “Roll Bounce” (Fox, 2005), and most recently co-starring in the cult hit “The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift” (Universal, 2006).
Thursday, 08 February 2007 23:15


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Consider song titles such as “Ghetto,” “Locked Up,” “Snitch” and “Soul Survivor.” Then, picture hip-hop heavyweights the likes of the L.O.X.’s Styles P, Obie Trice and Young Jeezy. Are these the track listings and featured guest appearances of some rapper on the verge of mainstream mega-stardom?
Sunday, 15 October 2006 18:45

The Clipse: "Mr. Me Too" Video shoot

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Everybody loves a great comeback. Whether it’s Italy overcoming a 0-1 deficit to defeat a tough French team in the World Cup final, the Buffalo Bills rising from 32 points down to defeat the Houston Oilers in a 1993 NFL playoff game or any of Robert “Big Shot Rob” Horry’s many clutch shots, there’s just something heartening about watching someone get off the ground and succeed.
Monday, 12 June 2006 19:42

Busta Rhymes

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Like the exotic craftsmanship of the Lamborghinis Trevor Smith dreamed about growing up in Brooklyn, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by his superstar persona. Smith is best known as “Busta Rhymes,” who has fulfilled his Lambo-fantasies, adding his own wild flavor to the bevy of cars that are undeniably Busta-mobiles.