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Wednesday, 11 June 2014 00:00

Nyjah Huston Featured

Written by Ashley Covarrubias | Photos Brian McGee

Today’s mainstream skateboarding contests allow skaters to earn six figures at a time. “Street Skating has taken over throughout the past few years, especially with contests like Street League starting up. Rob Dyrdek has created the best courses out there,” he says. Huston is arguably the best street skateboarder in the world and one of the most progressive athletes of our time. In 2013, Huston was awarded an ESPY for “Best Male Action Sports Athlete”, and later he launched a series of shoes with DC. As his accolades continue to build, so does his car collection.

After getting his drivers license in 2011, he purchased his first car - a Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG. “Ever since I first saw the car, I absolutely loved it. I always wanted it to be my first car.” To make it stand out, Huston enlisted the help of Shoreline Motoring who dressed the white Benz with matte black and red accents. They also added red side view mirrors and red seatbelts inside. A set of 20” Vossen VVS-CV4 wheels with a custom black finish was fitted with Pirelli P Zero Nero tires, in addition to a suspension-lowering module, custom valve exhaust system, Wald front bumper, carbon fiber rear diffusers and an integrated radar system. They also upgraded the brake calipers. Huston’s CLS 63 AMG was such a head turner that it was ranked #2 on Complex Magazine’s “The 15 Best Celebrity Cars of February 2013”.

“After I drove it for a few months, I realized that I didn’t want my friends to get it all dirty so I bought a Chevy Tahoe,” he reveals. This is his “skate homie car” that Huston can drive everyone around in. Murdered-out with an “epic” sound system added, the Tahoe (purchased from Absolut Motor Cars in Orange County, CA) is the vehicle that he doesn’t have to “care about so much.”

Nyjah Huston

Huston’s latest car purchase is an Audi R8, which he describes as his “dream car” and “the best looking car in the world.” Even just talking about the fast, badass R8 makes Huston’s face glow each time he mentions it. “I’m so stoked I was able to get it in stick shift since you can really feel the power and have so much fun with it,” he says with a grin.

Since no car is complete without some proper aftermarket upgrades, Huston again employed the help of Shoreline Motoring. They fitted the R8 with 20” Niche Forged Stuttgart wheels and a grippy set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, KW Variant 3 coilovers for improved handling, a carbon lip spoiler and a Tubi Style exhaust system. But he wasn’t finished there. A few weeks after our shoot with him, he had the crew at Elevated Auto Concepts flip the look of the R8 with a custom satin black wrap and carbon fiber hood wrap.

“Huston is a total car guy and was very involved in the upgrades in all the rides we worked on for him,” says Paul Roberts, owner of Shoreline Motoring. “We’ve been working with him for a few years now (since he first got his license). His knowledge of cars is pretty impressive. He’s always excited about the upgrades we talk about and even more excited to come pick up his cars once they’re finished.”

But buying cool four-wheeled toys isn’t just what Huston is doing with all his contest winnings. As a family man and role model for kids around the world, Huston is very hands-on with his fans. Unlike most athletes of his caliber, Huston often practices his sport in public domains, frequenting popular skate parks to skateboard with his fans.

He’s also a leader in the skate community, giving back to the youth regularly. He’ll often show up to skate parks unannounced and gift all of the local kids. And as part of his ritual, this last holiday season he gifted Element skateboards to hundreds of skaters at various parks in Southern California. More recently, Huston and his mother Kelle launched a non-profit organization called Let It Flow, which provides clean water solutions to countries around the world. Let It Flow was inspired by the Huston family’s own experiences of living without clean running water and now look to help the unfortunate millions of people that live every day without access to clean water.

When he’s not contributing to the greater good of society, Huston occupies his time perfecting his skate skills and his cars. He is a sports car fanatic with a need for speed. As an emerging car collector, Huston buys his cars instead of leasing them as many often do. “It is my dream to one day have a warehouse full of whatever car I want.” Despite his big dreams, Huston still remains humble and unimaginably down to earth.

Once his skating career comes to an end, Huston plays around with the idea of transitioning into rally car racing. “Going through different terrains like snow and dirt sounds so fun. Some years down the road I’ll definitely want to start learning how to do that and hopefully transition from skating to rally car racing.”

But for now, Huston will continue being the best at street skateboarding as an official team member of Asphalt Yacht Club (AYC) – a club founded by pro-skaters and good friends of Huston’s, Stefan Janoski and Stevie Williams. Together, they’ve created an A-list skate collective and launched a clothing line. “I am so excited this is the first time I’ve been apart of something new like (this) Asphalt Yacht Club.”


Nyjah Huston

Let It Flow

Shoreline Motoring

Absolut Motor Cars

Elevated Auto Concepts

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