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Wednesday, 23 April 2008 23:25

Playaz Circle

Written by Kristie Bertucci

Playaz CircleHustling might not be a respectable way to make money, but it sure came in handy when the rap duo Playaz Circle needed money to fund their rapping business. Not ashamed of how they came up on cash to release their independent CD (United We Stand, United We Fall), childhood friends Tity Boi and Dolla Boy did whatever it took to make ends meet.

Rapping for more than 10 years, the boys behind Playaz Circle always knew they wanted to have a career in music, but didn’t exactly know how they’d do it until they decided to put all their money into building their musical career. “The feedback on the street was tremendous,” describes Tity Boi. “We were making money and going from one level to the next, so we came up with Playaz Circle. It’s an acronym that stands for Preparing Legal Assets for Years from A to Z. We want to use our hustle money and make it into a legal opportunity.”

Playaz Circle

Playaz Circle got their big break after meeting rap sensation Ludacris, who moved to their College Park, Georgia apartment complex while he was a disc jockey at a local radio station. They soon became good friends, and Ludacris started playing Playaz Circle’s songs on the radio. Unfortunately, just when things started picking up for their career, Playaz Circle ran into some bad luck: Tity Boi was shot and Dolla Boy was incarcerated. Their careers were at a standstill, but after hearing of their misfortune, Ludacris reached out and signed them to his Disturbing tha Peace label. Playaz Circle had come full circle.


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