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Thursday, 08 April 2010 23:29

Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs

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Everybody knows or has heard of West Coast Customs regardless if they are an industry insider or just a fan of the brand. As one of the first shops to embrace reality TV with “Pimp My Ride” on MTV, WCC emerged from CEO and owner Ryan Friedlinghaus’ passion for cars and $5,000 of start-up money his grandfather loaned him in 1993. Fast forward to 2009 and WCC is now a worldwide commodity, with six locations across the globe, three seasons into its “Street Customs” show and a reputation no one can beat! With more than 15 years in the industry,…
Saturday, 30 January 2010 01:42

Dwight Howard

Written by
“We’ve never had a guy this tall who could jump like this. This guy is flat out scary!” When someone describes a basketball player in such reverential tones, you know he is something special. But when the person saying it is hoops legend Charles Barkley, and the player being described is NBA superstar Dwight Howard, there is no choice but to admit you are witnessing a performance that no other big-man in history could ever accomplish. And at that point, in the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest, the 6-foot-11-inch Orlando Magic center had not even unleashed his signature dunk, draped in…
Saturday, 16 January 2010 00:55

Topo: The Widebody King

Written by
Many know of his work, but few know the man behind the widebody phenomenon. More of a behind-the-scenes-guy, Topo (a nickname given to him when he was a boy that means gopher in Spanish), is taking center stage with his latest widebody Camaro.
Tuesday, 12 January 2010 01:20

Platinum Motorsport

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In the game Chess, the king is the most important piece on the board, and the last king standing wins. To take the game, one must have a better strategy, patience and ability to make the right move at the right time. George and Jack Keshishyan of Platinum Motorsport are celebrating 10 years in the industry, a tenure due to a solid strategy, patience and making the right moves at the right time.
Tuesday, 27 October 2009 21:44


Written by
With a personal fascination with Pit Bulls, Zhoucheng Shi wanted to adorn his precious canines with more than just the average dog collars seen on the market. Utterly frustrated with only run-of-the-mill dog collars decorated with punkish-looking spikes, Shi took it upon himself to create the ultimate collar for those elite few who want Fido to sport the freshest and most luxurious gear on the market. The leashes and collars are made from either diamonds or cubic zirconia and pricey leather, as well as sterling silver, 18kt gold and fox fur. To purchase a leash, collar and some fox fur…
Thursday, 15 October 2009 00:27

Silver Star

Written by
Audacious. Intimidating. Dominant. These are characteristics that describe many of the professional athletes Silver Star Casting Company sponsors, such as UFC superstars Rashad Evans, Anderson Silva, and Georges St-Pierre. But to owners Luke Burrett and his wife, Charis B., these adjectives also typify the Southern Cali attitude imbued in the clothing made by the Orange County-based company. Now best known for its attention grabbing, graphic T-shirts, Silver Star began its existence in 1993 making sterling silver jewelry. However, it wasn’t until Burrett merged his love for mixed martial arts (MMA) with the idea of turning Silver Star into an apparel…
Monday, 12 October 2009 22:58

Jason Ellis

Written by
Once pro skateboarding’s bad boy, Jason Ellis has turned over a new leaf as a radio show host, professional MMA athlete and an amateur boxer—and that’s not even including his other stints as a surfer, rocker, motocross racer, actor and potential professional truck racer, as well has a husband and father. However, there’s one thing Jason will forever be…badass! His I-don’t-give-a-f*ck attitude has stayed with him throughout the years, which could be one reason why his radio show, The Jason Ellis Show, on Fraction 28 (a Sirius Satellite Radio Station, XM 52) has quickly become one of the top-rated shows…
Monday, 12 October 2009 20:48

TAG: Smell The Good Life

Written by
The names Rob Dyrdek, Carmelo Anthony and Ludacris each conjure up images of different professions; Rob as a skateboarder who has a MTV reality show; Carmelo as a basketball great; and Ludacris as one of hip-hop’s finest. However, there is one common denominator that brings these three guys together—TAG’s Signature Series Scents. Each have collaborated with TAG to introduce their own signature scent and compete against each other to outsell the others for a chance to raise money for their charity of choice.
Thursday, 08 October 2009 19:43

Tommy Lee

Written by
At 46, Tommy Lee isn’t showing signs of slowing down. The legendary drummer is ravishing in his midlife success as much as he enjoyed the early years of his career when Mötley Crüe first started. “I pinch myself almost daily. All this sh*t started happening when I was 17 and to sit here at 46 and still be rocking the sh*t out is, like, Wow! It’s amazing and I can’t believe it’s still happening!”
Monday, 31 August 2009 20:33

Sleepy Brown

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Sitting at a keyboard in a dimly lit recording studio in Garden Grove, CA, Sleepy Brown (Patrick Brown) tries to finish laying down a track before getting into his interview. As a producer, first and foremost, he wants to let his creative juices flow before he forgets what musical sound he’s aiming for, as he works on tracks for his upcoming compilation album. When he’s finally happy with what he’s recorded, his attention turns to the interview, but you can tell his thoughts are back on his music.