TAG: Smell The Good Life

TAG: Smell The Good LifeThe names Rob Dyrdek, Carmelo Anthony and Ludacris each conjure up images of different professions; Rob as a skateboarder who has a MTV reality show; Carmelo as a basketball great; and Ludacris as one of hip-hop’s finest. However, there is one common denominator that brings these three guys together—TAG’s Signature Series Scents. Each have collaborated with TAG to introduce their own signature scent and compete against each other to outsell the others for a chance to raise money for their charity of choice.

Tastemakers in each of their scene, all three are ready to prove why their scent is the best. Rob Dyrdek is pushing skateboarding deeper into the mainstream consciousness with his “Fantasy Factory” on MTV, as well as his many business endeavors, which include his first feature film, Skate Dreams, a new toy line called “Wild Grinders” and many numerous collaborations with brands like Rouge Status, Silver Trucks and his upcoming DC line.

Carmelo Anthony is hot off an intense 2008-2009 season with the Denver Nuggets, leading them to the Western Conference Finals, losing to the eventual World Champs, the Los Angeles Lakers. With the taste of a championship still lingering in his mouth, Melo is hyped to take it all the way for the upcoming season. Ludacris has his hands full with the release of two new albums, running his Disturbing Tha Peace label, all while still expanding his growing acting career. Rob, Melo and Luda have each taken time from their hectic and busy schedules to create their own unique TAG body spray that represents their personality and “take” on smelling good.
“Mine, of course, is ‘Make Moves’ cause that’s what I do…make moves,” Rob enthusiastically exclaims at the photo shoot with Melo. “TAG approached me about the project, and when I found out it was with Carmelo and Luda, it was like an honor for me to get involved. I’ve had lots of signature products—sunglasses, boards and now my own spray. It’s finally time for me to commit to smelling right, and I need to smell how I want to smell.”

TAG: Smell The Good Life

Quite different from other signature products of Rob’s that usually stem from the skate world, he jumped on the opportunity to collaborate with TAG on his first mainstream product. Motivation for the name “Make Moves” stems from his numerous business ventures that he’s associated with. “I’m very much someone who doesn’t do a lot of talking; I do a lot of executing,” he explains. “My show is entirely about making moves…basically life is about making moves. I don’t talk about it I live it!” Rob will be competing hard to donate proceeds from sales of his scent for his Safe Spot Skate Spot program (an entity within the Skate Plaza Foundation he and DC shoes created), which builds skate parks in existing parks so that skateboarders have somewhere legal to practice their craft. “Every dollar goes right into the ground; it’s not like some phantom charity foundation where you raise money and no one ever knows where it goes. If I raise $500,000, I’m building five skate parks where anybody in the world can skate on…respect that!”

While Rob “Makes Moves,” Melo is staying up on and off the court with his “Stay Up” signature scent. “It’s like a rejuvenation,” he describes. “You spray it on, and you feel your swagger go up to a zillion. You just feel good…feel like whatever you do is hip.” Melo foresees his scent being worn by just about any type of guy that wants to “Stay Up” throughout the day. “It doesn’t matter who you are, my scent will definitely lift your swagger—whether you’re a kid putting it on in the morning or a guy getting ready for work or a meeting, you’ll smell right.”

A charitable guy by nature (he was actually listed as No. 8 in “The Giving Back 30 List of Largest Charitable Donations by Celebrities” in 2006) Melo has his eyes on the prize to win the challenge for The Carmelo Anthony Foundation, as well as other to-be-chosen charities to share the love. “I started it a couple of years ago, not knowing what direction I wanted to take it,” he says of the Foundation. “I wanted to help underprivileged families and kids who don’t have anything to do after school to stay busy on and off the streets.” The foundation helps communities in Baltimore (where he grew up), as well as in Denver. In Denver, Melo is a spokesman for the Family Resource Center and helps organize a Christmas party, entitled “A Very Melo Christmas,” for children in low-income families. In Baltimore, Melo hosts an annual 3-on-3 tournament, known as “Melo’s H.O.O.D. (Holding Our Own Destiny) Movement 3-on-3 Challenge” and is helping fund the revitalization of a local community center for local youth.

Melo may “Stay Up” to achieve success, but Luda is all about getting his with the “Get Yours” scent he chose for his can. “[TAG] loved the way I smelled,” he says about the origin of the collaboration. “I passed by one of the executives one day and she was like, ‘Damn, Luda…you smell so good, but I know how you can smell so much better… by incorporating your smell with our stuff.’ From there it was born…’cause they love how I smell.” Never missing an opportunity to expand his empire, Luda was 100 percent involved with his “Get Yours” campaign and was excited to dive into creating his own fragrance.

“I want individuals to feel good about themselves, to feel confident, and that’s exactly what my body spray is going to do,” he says. “I feel there are lot of hustlers out there, and for those who aren’t hustlers, need to understand that it starts with self…you gotta get yours. I’m a very multifaceted individual and own many businesses, and I can say that I attribute all that because I get mine—understand.”

Although Luda is involved in quite a few projects, this one ranks pretty high on his list. “This one is an extremely special project to me because it’s all about your personal hygiene when you want to feel good. People don’t talk about their hygiene, but it’s important to smell good in order to feel good. This is what women want; a woman wants a man that smells good. When you spray this TAG body spray, the ‘Get Yours’ by Ludacris, you will feel important. It’s as simple as that. Need I say more?”

Luda will not only use “Get Yours” for his own personal endeavors, but will also be getting it for The Ludacris Foundation that he’s had for more than seven years now. “It helps kids help themselves,” he describes. “I think it’s extremely important for people to understand that with great power, comes great responsibility. This is exactly why I chose The Ludacris Foundation because I like to lead by example.”

So, as the three begin their journey to outsell each other, the competition is starting to get pretty heated. “There is no competition to begin with when talking about these individuals…” Luda says. “This is real talk; there’s no competition when it comes to the TAG ‘Get Yours’ fragrance, so it’s that simple.” Luda is serious about the competition and he’s no stranger to it either; just last year he went head-to-head with rocker Tommy Lee on Planet Green’s “Battleground Earth” reality show that showcased their attempts to keep their high-wattage tours on a greener path while participating in different challenges highlighting various green issues.

But Rob isn’t sweating Luda’s cockiness. “I was explaining to Melo and Luda that I’m doing a whole episode of this and letting people know that, like, let’s get this!” Rob says about his campaign strategy. “They don’t have that avenue. I also got a loyal fan base that respects what I’m trying to do.” Already a force to be reckoned with on the court at 6 feet, 8 inches, Melo isn’t scared of either Rob or Luda and thinks his spray will definitely outsell the other two. “My charity is gonna win, I’m guaranteeing it,” he exclaims. “Rob, he’s already talking sh*t, saying he got his show to promote it. But I got a big campaign for it already.”

Let the fight for the best scent begin!

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