Los Twiins Y DUB Edition Ford Fiesta

Los Twiins Y DUB Edition Ford FiestaLos Angeles…the home of many musical greats is about to get taken over by two up-and-coming producers, Los Twiins. Los hermanos Adolfo and Omar Valenzuela are big names within the Latin music genre, but they’re soon going to be huge within the general music scene after the world sees their talent en el nuevo reality TV show on Mun2.

They’ve helped make the City of Angels the home base for música Regional Mexicana and have produced top acts like Paulina Rubio, Calle 13, Thalía, Jenny Rivera and La Banda del Recodo y muchos mas. The show, “Los Twiins,” will depict the brothers’ daily lives and their work as producers, as well as day-to-day operations of their production company, Twiins Enterprises based in Burbank, CA. Each episode will capture the adventures of los hermanos, the type of lifestyle they live as they produce their musical hits and strategize their crossover endeavors, while discovering new talent.

To help move Los Twiin’s aventuras as they become musical staples in L.A., they’ve enlisted the help of Ford’s new 2011 Fiesta that’s making its way back to the States after a 32-year absence. El Ford Fiesta first arrived in as a 1978 model as a response to the oil crisis in the ’70s, but was discontinued in North America to make room for the 1981 Ford Escort. However, it still thrived and evolved in European markets, creating its current reputation as top of its class. “It’s been a top-seller in Europe and has a ton of heritage and a loyal fan base, and it’s the right time for us to bring back the car in the U.S.,” says Samuel De La Garza, Ford’s Brand Manager for the Fiesta.

Los Twiins Y DUB Edition Ford FiestaDesigned and developed as Ford’s first ONE global car, the Ford Fiesta in America gets some added extras in terms of styling and technology, as well as impressive performance figures. “Global to us means being able to take this platform and the content in it and expand on it in global markets,” De La Garza explains. “The ONE Ford global car really also means having a manufacturing footprint that can really support different regions around the world.”

Ford will have five plants around the world supporting the global volume of the Fiesta, with the plant in North America supporting Mexico, Canada and several countries in Latinoamérica. “Another part of the global story is being able to use the same name and content so that we can expand and grow our global fan base. It’s really exciting to see people conversing in different languages on our Facebook Fiesta Fanpage. Everybody has a common understanding and an interest in the Ford Fiesta, no matter where they’re from.”

Already a favorite in Europe and Asia, the version coming to North America features 15 class-exclusive technologies at an affordable price point unlike its competitors. The class-exclusive 1.6-liter Duratec I4 engine is made for quick sprints and to go the distance, while still providing class-leading highway fuel economy of 40 mph when combined with the PowerShift six-speed automatic transmission.

Los Twiins Y DUB Edition Ford Fiesta“Even though it’s a compact vehicle, it goes fast and takes us everywhere we want to go really FAST,” Adolfo says. “Tiene mucho ganas y es muy rápido. También tiene buen kilometraje del gas.” [“It’s real good and is really fast. It also has great gas mileage.”]

The new Fiesta also features distinctive styling cues that provide its own air of confidence, style and individuality. Por delante, the Fiesta sports the well known Blue Oval badge on the grille over the signature inverted trapezoid lower grille opening, which is also seen on the new Taurus and the fuel-efficient midsize Fusion. Adding eyes to the Fiesta face are sweeping, elongated headlamps that frame and connect the hood to muscular, sculpted front fenders. With a sporty five-door hatchback or four-door sedan body styles, the Fiesta can live up to anyone’s lifestyle.

Por detrás, el Fiesta features a chamfered rear liftgate glass, a low roofline sweeping into a spoiler and dramatic taillamps with honeycomb detailing mounted high in the five-door’s corners. Tightly-wrapped, muscular rear quarter panels provide more focus on the wheels and demonstrate the Fiesta’s confident stance. Nine new colors allow clients to show their estilo with the Fiesta—de Bright Magenta a Lime Squeeze, Blue Fire y Candy Red.

Los Twiins Y DUB Edition Ford FiestaTo further enhance individual styling cues, Ford also offers a special body kit by 3dCarbon that offers a bold statement with its road-hugging curves and race-inspired styling. The 4-piece body kit consists of an aggressively sculpted front air dam, aerodynamic side skirts, and a rear lower bumper accented with black trim inspired by the European counterpart of the Fiesta. Another option is a Euro-looking rear spoiler that creates a sportier look for the Fiesta and improves the car’s aerodynamics.

Customers can go even further and opt to get body side graphics by Original Wraps, which provides more uniqueness to the car. “People get excited about modifying their car and we wanted to make sure the Ford Fiesta offered this to customers,” De La Garza adds. Those interested in this option can let their imagination run wild on the interactive website that is easy to use as it is fun.

The Fiesta’s interior can get just as unique as its exterior with a wide range of material color selections offered to customers, such as the class-exclusive available leather-trimmed seats with contrast piping, which come in Plum Red or Cashmere with Charcoal Black piping, or Charcoal Black seats with Cashmere piping. Drivers can also choose among seven “mood lighting” colors to illuminate areas like the cup holders and foot wells, with the optional Ambient Lighting.

Los Twiins Y DUB Edition Ford FiestaAnd because the Ford Fiesta is ready pa’ tu mundo and all that it involves, Ford’s SYNC in-car connectivity system allows you to operate your digital devices, such as your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or MP3 player, from one central location with voice commands. Fiesta will further stand out by being the first vehicle in the industry to offer SYNC AppLink, a downloadable software upgrade, allowing drivers hands-free control of apps, such as Pandora internet radio, Stitcher “smart radio” and Orangatame’s OpenBeak app for Twitter on their Android or BlackBerry smartphones via voice commands and vehicle controls.

The new Ford Fiesta has something for everyone, and many options that will appeal to the young Latino market. “One of the dynamic sub-segments within the Hispanic market, which we identified as True Believers,” says Dave Rodriguez, Ford’s Multicultural Marketing Manager. “The idea of this audience being interested on customization is a natural fit with what Fiesta brings to the marketplace as it relates to style and technology.”

Para la Fiesta de Los Twiins, they teamed up with DUB to customize their Fiesta to their personalities. “We really like how it came out and are really enjoying everything about it,” Adolfo comments. “The car already looked good, and we just wanted to do it the Twiins way, the best way.” “Especialmente las placas de licencia que tiene ‘Los Twiins,’” dice Omar. [“Especially the license plates that say ‘Los Twiins,’” Omar says.]

Los Twiins’ 2011 Ford Fiesta is fitted with a blacked-out set of 18-inch American Racing AR106 wheels that are partnered with ultra, high performance 215/35R18 Falken FK452 tires. The lowered stance comes courtesy of H & R Lowering Springs, and Los Twiins asked for the black racing stripe down the middle to provide a more sporty and aggressive look para tu Fiesta.

“Mira no más el color qué bonito está…nos encantó el color con las rayas negras porque se ve más moderno,” describe Omar. “Se ve muy peligroso con todo, incluyendo las ruedas de DUB que fueron hechas especialmente para nosotros. [The color is beautiful...I love how the color and the black racing stripes look together because it makes it more modern,” Omar describes. “It also looks very fierce with all the modifications, especially the wheels that came from DUB.”]

“A lot of what Ford Fiesta offers, even the music feature through Sync, ties perfectly with Los Twiins and their style of meshing different genres,” Rodriguez adds. “What the vehicle brings as far as offerings and the unique musical style that Los Twiins are creating, speaks for itself. Ford Fiesta, DUB and Los Twiins are a natural and dynamic alignment.”

Si Los Twiins no están manejando el Ford Fiesta, their good friend Oscar drives it on the show, running around town doing errands para los hermanos. Besides catching glimpses of how the Ford Fiesta helps better move el mundo de Los Twiins, the show will also feature them collaborating with some of music’s finest, such has Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Graciela Beltran, Wil-Dog from Ozomatli, Rogelio Martinez, El Kommander and Los Buitres. It will also portray the efforts of Los Twiins’ new vision for music and how they are executing their new musical movement, which they’ve titled “El Movimiento Alterado.”

“It’s for all the youngsters out there who want to fuse their Mexican heritage with American ways,” Adolfo explains. We’re taking the hip-hop world into the Mexican side of music with its corridos and banda music. It’s more than music to us—it’s a lifestyle. It’s in the way we dress, talk and the different things we do to incorporate it into our everyday lives.”

“We believe que el mundo hip-hop y la música Mexicana están conectados. It’s a new generation of artists and music we’re coming out with,” Omar adds. “We want to build this new generation of musicians, singers, writers and everyone who wants to join.”

Leading the way for Mexican music and its popularity, Los Twiins are definitely ushering a new change in 2010, in both music and television. “Everything you hear is going to sound more up to date. It’s time for Mexican music to get the recognition it deserves and we’re here to do that. Todo lo viejo se va y entra una nueva generación,” dice Omar. [All of the old is going to go and the new generation will enter,” Omar says.] And the best car para ayudar a Los Twiins achieve their endeavors of ushering in a new generation of musical fusion is the new 2011 Ford Fiesta, que mueve tu mundo in more ways than simply on four wheels.

Photos: Odessy Barbu | www.odessybarbu.com

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